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Environmental officials: Air quality...
cambodiapoliticsEnvironmental officials: Air quality in Cambodia is less severe compared to other countrieskh
Air quality in Cambodia, for example, with rising pollution levels that could have some impact on people's health, but it is not as severe as other countries, said Environment Minister Neth Pheaktra. Khmerload on January 18


Australia fires: How YOU can help...
worldAustralia fires: How YOU can help save Australia’s koalas and animals from the bushfires
AUSTRALIA’S bushfires have taken a heavy toll on the country’s wildlife, with thousands of koalas killed or displaced by the fires. Find out what you can personally do to help save the cute critters from the environmental disaster.


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Philippine environmental officials...
technologyPhilippine environmental officials turn thousands of volcanic ash and plastic waste into thousands of construction bricks a daykh
Philippine volcanic ash is being mixed with plastic rubbish to create construction bricks in a creative response to the country's frequent pollution and natural disasters. One week early


Controversy Growing in Turkey Over...
worldeuropeControversy Growing in Turkey Over Erdogan's Massive Canal Project
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's project to provide an alternative route to the Bosporus waterway is becoming increasingly mired in controversy. Erdogan is presenting his "Canal Istanbul" initiative as preserving Istanbul, but environmental


Astronauts spot smoke from growing...
sciencespaceAstronauts spot smoke from growing Australian wildfires from space
As the deadly Australian wildfires spread smoke around the world, astronauts in space are closely watching the burns advance.International Space Station commander and Italian astronaut Luca Parmitano sent a series of tweets showing the environmental


Chinese Embassy in Cambodia: China's...
cambodiapoliticsChinese Embassy in Cambodia: China's first liquefied natural gas import opens a new history of environmentally friendly energy usekh
(Phnom Penh): Chinese Embassy in Cambodia Announces the Success of LNG Shipments to Cambodia by Port of Sihanoukville The first import of liquefied natural gas (LNG) in Cambodia is considered by the Chinese Embassy. Open the History page


The Ministry of Environment holds a...
cambodiapoliticsThe Ministry of Environment holds a meeting on urban solid waste management and the establishment of a social environmental fundkh
Phnom Penh: Draft Policy on Municipal Solid Waste Management 2019-2028 and Draft Sub-Decree on Revisions Article 4, 8 and 10 of Sub Decree N៨ 238, dated November 21, 2016 Establish an environmental fund


Teen Climate Strikers Have...
technologyTeen Climate Strikers Have Capitalists Shook
For the first time ever, the World Economic Forum (WEF) has declared environmental issues as the world’s top long-term risks. The international organization isn’t just recognizing the deadly, terrifying climate crisis as a huge global threat, though.


TESSA: A practical tool to measure...
sciencebiologyTESSA: A practical tool to measure the impact of protecting biodiversity
Researchers, public officials and NGOs often ask, "Can we put a price on forests?". The question may sound absurd or even cynical, but as an expert in environmental-conservation practices, I believe that measuring biodiversity value could help us


'Soil photosynthesis' helps to...
scienceearth'Soil photosynthesis' helps to mitigate environmental pollution
NOx gases is the generic term used to refer to the group of gases made up of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide, gases that result from burning fossil fuel, and also from forest fires, volcanic eruptions and natural processes of transforming nitrogen




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