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Gran Canaria Fire, Spain’s Worst This...
worldGran Canaria Fire, Spain’s Worst This Year, Forces Evacuation of 9,000
About 9,000 people have been evacuated on Gran Canaria, though an official said there were signs that the fire was slowing its advance.


About 5,000 people evacuated as...
worldAbout 5,000 people evacuated as wildfires spread in Spainkh
Forest fire spreads quickly on Gran Canaria island on holiday, authorities said Sunday The Spanish break forced about 5 people


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Over 9,000 evacuated as wildfire...
worldeuropeOver 9,000 evacuated as wildfire rages in Spanish holiday hotspot, the Canary Islands, for second time this summer
Over 9,000 people have been evacuated as wildfires rage on Spain's Canary Islands off the northwest coast of Africa, officials said.


8,000 People Evacuated as Wildfire...
worldeurope8,000 People Evacuated as Wildfire Sweeps Spain’s Canary Islands
Authorities on Spain's Canary Islands have confirmed the evacuation of more than 8,000 people Sunday and Monday as a massive wildfire swept across Gran Canaria. No fatalities have been reported, so far, but the fire is not yet under control. Canary


More than 2,000 people forced to...
entertainmentMore than 2,000 people forced to evacuate in case of wildfire in Spainkh
More than 2,000 people have been evacuated from a small town on the resort island of Gran Canaria, Spain, August 18, 2019 Wildfires spread throughout the fire area


What a mysterious explosion tells us...
worldeuroperussiaWhat a mysterious explosion tells us about Russia's 'doomsday weapon'
An explosion. An abruptly-canceled evacuation. Five dead nuclear experts. And a few traces of radioactive iodine in Norway. These are the fingerprints of what appears to have been Russia's latest failed bid to test its so-called 'Skyfall' missile.


Wildfire Prompts Evacuations in...
worldeuropeWildfire Prompts Evacuations in Canary Islands
TEJEDA, SPAIN - A wildfire in the Canary Islands led to the evacuation of a small town in Gran Canaria island on Saturday, and officials said the blaze had a "great potential" to spread. The wildfire started in the town of Valleseco, and an


NASA and SpaceX practice Crew Dragon...
technologyspacexnasaNASA and SpaceX practice Crew Dragon evacuation procedure with astronaut recovery vessel
NASA and SpaceX continue their joint preparations for the eventually astronaut crew missions that SpaceX will fly for the agency, with a test of the emergency evacuation procedure for SpaceX’s GO Searcher seaborne ship. The ship is intended to be


New York Subway Station Evacuated
worldusaNew York Subway Station Evacuated
Two suspicious objects that prompted an evacuation of a major lower Manhattan subway station during the morning commute Friday are not explosives, police said. The bomb squad cleared the items found at the Fulton Street station, New York Police


NYC transit hub evacuated after 2...
worldusaNYC transit hub evacuated after 2 rice cookers foundNYC transit hub evacuated after 2 rice cookers found
The New York City Police Department evacuated one of the largest transit stations in the city after police found two rice cookers, which were later deemed safe. CNN's Brynn Gingras has the latest.




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