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Earthquake causes panic among...
worldEarthquake causes panic among evacuees in Philippineskh
A strong earthquake Friday hit parts of northern Philippines, including the Philippines. Manila, where many of the office workers were evacuated from the building and the train service was


3,900 evacuees from the Bahamas have...
worldusa3,900 evacuees from the Bahamas have come to south Florida
About 3,900 evacuees escaping Hurricane Dorian's devastation in the Bahamas have been processed through south Florida by air and sea, officials said.


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Bahamas PM assures evacuees that they...
worldusaBahamas PM assures evacuees that they will be able to return home 'as we start rebuilding their communities'
Nearly 5,000 residents have fled the Bahamas after a violent Category 5 storm ripped through their neighborhoods and left the islands in shambles.


Disney surprises boy with a free trip...
worldusaDisney surprises boy with a free trip after selfless actDisney surprises boy with a free trip after selfless act
After spending his savings for a trip to Disney World on food for Hurricane Dorian evacuees, Disney surprised 7-year-old Jermaine Bell with a free VIP vacation.


Bahamian evacuees were told to get...
worldusaBahamian evacuees were told to get off a US-bound ferryBahamian evacuees were told to get off a US-bound ferry
As evacuations continue, hundreds of Bahamians hoping to flee the devastation of Hurricane Dorian were told to get off a ferry headed to the US, if they did not have visas.


Antiques Roadshow: Expert in tears...
entertainmentAntiques Roadshow: Expert in tears over 'heart wrenching' World War II evacuee letters
ANTIQUES ROADSHOW aired a special edition of the BBC show making 80 years since the start of World War II, and a story of a nine-year-old evacuee brought expert Bill Harriman to tears.


'There is nothing here': The future...
worldusa'There is nothing here': The future is uncertain for 70,000 in the Bahamas left homeless by Dorian
As the Grand Celebration cruise ship sailed away from the Bahamas on a humanitarian mission carrying nearly 1,500 hurricane evacuees, Ceva Seymour looked back at the hundreds of desperate Bahamians left behind at Freeport Harbour.


A 6-year-old was saving money to...
worldusaA 6-year-old was saving money to visit Disney World. He spent it on food for Hurricane Dorian evacuees instead
Jermaine Bell was supposed to spend his seventh birthday at Disney World. He'd saved up money to take his family on a trip to Animal Kingdom in Florida.




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