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How to get rid of visceral fat:...
healthHow to get rid of visceral fat: Including this food type helps to lose your belly fat
HOW TO get rid of visceral: It's healthy to have some body fat, but not are all created equal and having visceral fat could put you in serious health danger. Fortunately, there is a way to help get rid of visceral fat. What is it?


Fat thighs linked to a lower risk of...
healthFat thighs linked to a lower risk of high blood pressure
FAT thighs reduce the risk of high blood pressure in people who are overweight, a study found.


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The president of the Football...
sportssoccerThe president of the Football Federation of Thailand is considering a one-off league if the Covid-19 continues to spreadkh
The president of the Football Federation of Thailand (FAT) is contemplating plans to cut the league this season


AOA Jimin's father passes away from a...
entertainmentkoreanAOA Jimin's father passes away from a heart attack
AOA Jimin's father has passed away from a heart attack. FNC Entertainment made the announcement on April 3rd, stating: "Jimin's fat…


Updates are great! Top drink...
cambodiapoliticsUpdates are great! Top drink eliminates toxins and fat from the body!kh
Fresh juices not only taste good but also provide you with daily nutrition, fruit juices can stay healthy Stay healthy and drink anytime, day and night, however, do not drink too much


How to lose visceral fat: Best...
healthHow to lose visceral fat: Best exercise to lose dangerous belly fat amid COVID-19 outbreak
HOW TO lose visceral fat: Do you have a round, bulging tummy? This could be an indicator you're holding on to too much visceral fat. How can you shift it during the coronavirus pandemic?


Vitamin B7 deficiency symptoms: The...
healthVitamin B7 deficiency symptoms: The sign in your hair you're lacking in the vital vitamin
VITAMIN B7, also known as biotin or vitamin H, helps the body to metabolise fats, carbohydrates and protein. What's the sign in your hair you're lacking the vitamin?


The brain can stimulate the body to...
healthThe brain can stimulate the body to burn fatkh
Brain can be a powerful fat burner Scientists at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, found that two natural hormones can convert white fat into brown fat, the fat. Well, educational leaders


Best supplements for weight loss -...
healthBest supplements for weight loss - the 2p a day capsules to prevent weight gain
Weight loss supplements could help overweight or obese patients with their diet plans. You could lose weight and avoid weight gain by adding these fat-burning capsules to your daily route.


New mechanism underlying organelle...
sciencebiologyNew mechanism underlying organelle communication revealed in brown fat cells
In recent years, brown fat has garnered increasing attention as the so-called good fat that can protect against obesity and associated health risks, like cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Brown fat is located in small pockets throughout the body




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