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Even though Iraq was hungry for...
sportsEven though Iraq was hungry for victory, Cambodia did not play defensekh
Cambodia coach Felix Dalmas maintains his stance on football Although he knows that Iraq is a strong team


Don't forget to support everyone !!...
sportsDon't forget to support everyone !! Felix says Cambodia is ready to meet Iraq tomorrowkh
Felix G. Dalmas, the head coach of the Cambodian National Football Team, said that the team was ready and ready for the match against Iraqi West Asia. Very strong in the A's


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Felix Dalmas says something before...
cambodiapoliticsFelix Dalmas says something before touching Iraq tomorrowkh
Before the Iraqi clash, Filex Dalmas said he would be preparing for the match, as opposed to the Iran team's use of a change of tactics. Little is it because of the new team and playing in Cambodia, he said


Felix Dalmas: If Cambodia continues...
cambodiapoliticsFelix Dalmas: If Cambodia continues to play defense, doubles in the future 14 Oct 2019, 5:55 pmkh
Cambodia coach to use fighting style against Iraqi team despite having better FIFA World Ranking The use of such a system is to develop football


Felix The Reaper Is A Tender Puzzle...
gamingFelix The Reaper Is A Tender Puzzle Game About Gruesome Deaths
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Honda says it would rather make the...
sportsHonda says it would rather make the ill-advised choice rather than play defense 13 October, 2019, 4:10 pmkh
Cambodia can't win in Iran Keisuke Honda knows Felix Dalmas knows players, fans know for the first 45 minutes of the World Cup qualifying round Number one, Asia has scored


Felix says Cambodia is not afraid of...
sportsFelix says Cambodia is not afraid of Irankh
Cambodia face Iran in Group C at Tehran's Azadi Stadium on Thursday night at 8:30 pm Cambodian time. The 2022 World Cup qualifier should state that


Felix Dalmas says something before...
cambodiapoliticsFelix Dalmas says something before Cambodia touches Iran tonightkh
Speaking at a pre-match press conference, coach of the national football team, Felix Dalmas, mentioned the match against Iran in the qualifying round. Secondly, the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 is Cambodia playing for fear of the coach


Felix shows that Cambodia is not...
sportsFelix shows that Cambodia is not afraid of Iran despite a strong Asian teamkh
Cambodia coach Felix Dalmas has revealed his resolve to play Iran without fear of qualifying




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