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The Final Fantasy VII Remake: 4...
gamingThe Final Fantasy VII Remake: 4 Questions That Keep Me From Getting Too Excited
We can blame it on translations all we like, but some of the Final Fantasy VII dialogue was just awful. I’m not even just talking about the infamous “This guy are sick.”


Final Fantasy VII Remake Train...
gamingsquare enixfinal fantasy vii remakeFinal Fantasy VII Remake Train Appears in Tokyo, But Square Enix Cancels Event Due to Coronavirus
Square Enix is ramping up its promotion for the Final Fantasy VII Remake, but not everything is going as planned by the publisher.


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PlayStation Cancels PAX East...
gamingplaystationPlayStation Cancels PAX East Attendance Due To Coronavirus Concerns
The slate of playable titles was originally set to include hands on with The Last of Us Part II and Final Fantasy VII Remake.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake has new...
gamingFinal Fantasy 7 Remake has new summons, including the always lovable Cactuar
We all know the Final Fantasy VII Remake is going to be a bit different. We've seen new faces, remixed faces, and Midgar as a whole is going to feel a lot bigger. While we've already seen some of those changes in the form of the summons sho...


The Final Fantasy VII Remake Opening...
gamingfinal fantasy vii remakeThe Final Fantasy VII Remake Opening Is A Little Longer And A Lot Prettier
The opening movie for Final Fantasy VII starts with a field of stars, fades into Aeris, pulls back to reveal the city of Midgar, and then follows Cloud and Barret’s train to its destination. The Final Fantasy VII Remake opening does that too, only


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Releases...
gamingfinal fantasysquare enixFinal Fantasy 7 Remake Releases 5-Minute Opening Cinematic
Square Enix has released the opening cinematic of Final Fantasy VII Remake way ahead of its April 10 release date.


Here's the full Final Fantasy VII...
gamingfinal fantasy vii remakeHere's the full Final Fantasy VII Remake opening movie
The time has finally come. You know a game is actually about to come out for real when it drops its opening movie. So look, anything can happen in two months (less than two months now, actually!). But it seems like Square Enix is actually p...


Square Enix Cafes Are Covered In...
gamingfinal fantasy vii remakesquare enixSquare Enix Cafes Are Covered In Final Fantasy VII Remake
Square Enix has rolled out a handful of cafes to serve food, sling drinks and showcase its games. There are no better places to plaster in Final Fantasy VII Remake.




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