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PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch...
gamingpokemonxboxlittle town heroPS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch getting two new games from Pokemon devs?
POKEMON developer Game Freak has been linked to a new project, and with the recent launch schedule from the studio, is there hope that it could release on Nintendo Switch, as well as Microsoft's Xbox One and Sony's PS4?


New Mythical Pokemon Teased For Sword...
gamingpokemonNew Mythical Pokemon Teased For Sword And Shield
Game Freak shared what is believed to be the silhouette of the new mythical Pokemon.


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Netizens are freaked out by Seulgi's...
entertainmentkoreanNetizens are freaked out by Seulgi's arms in these pictures
Red Velvet's Seulgi freaked out netizens with her arms in these Instagram pictures. On February 14th, Seulgi uploaded a series of pictures…


Pokemon Home launches with a new...
gamingpokemonPokemon Home launches with a new Professor Oak, and Pokefans are freaking out
Meet Grand Oak; Professor Oak's cooler, yet somehow way more awkward equivalent in Pokemon Home


Doctor Who spoilers: Fans horrified...
entertainmentDoctor Who spoilers: Fans horrified over creepy detachable fingers: 'Freaking me out!'
DOCTOR WHO continued this weekend titled ‘Can You Hear Me?' which saw The Doctor and her companions fall into a trap after following a cry from help from deep space.


The Pale Horse: ‘No way’ Fans spot...
entertainmentThe Pale Horse: ‘No way’ Fans spot huge inaccuracy in Agatha Christie drama
THE PALE HORSE began on BBC One tonight as Agatha Christie fans were instantly drawn in by Sarah Phelps' latest adaptation. Lead character Mark Easterbrook suddenly became the centre of a murder mystery plot leaving fans freaked. However, something


We Need to Talk About “Cloud Neutrality”
technologyWe Need to Talk About “Cloud Neutrality”
A multibillion-dollar, privately-owned infrastructure is now essential to the modern internet economy. That should freak you out.


Don't miss Gigantamax Toxtricity in...
gamingpokemon swordDon't miss Gigantamax Toxtricity in Pokemon Sword and Shield
It feels like Pokemon Sword and Shield's Gigantamaxing will end up being little more than a short-lived footnote in the series' history once Game Freak devises some other eye-catching mechanic in a future game, but for now, it's here...


Stacey Solomon: ‘It freaks me out’...
entertainmentStacey Solomon: ‘It freaks me out’ Loose Women star candidly opens up on personal struggle
STACEY SOLOMON - a panelist on Loose Women - has told fans she is "doomed" to suffer with anxiety as she recalled a panic attack which left her "freaked out" at home recently.




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