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In fact, the thief who was driving a...
cambodiapoliticsIn fact, the thief who was driving a car on a robbery for a female Karaoke was going to give him no gaskh
In fact, the person arrested by the mild-mannered criminal office was involved in a "robbery" of a club maid Kara just a few days ago was a local gangster taxi driver before


Decarbonizing your ride for a more...
scienceearthDecarbonizing your ride for a more stable climate
Transportation produces a sizable amount of greenhouse gas emissions, largely by using petroleum to power internal combustion engines. Alternatives –- for example, organic materials such as grasses to produce fuels or electricity –- could avoid


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Hippo takes a stroll through gas...
worldHippo takes a stroll through gas station in South African town
It's not an unusual sight in this South African town to see hippos walking through the community at night.


'Flagrant indifference:' Gas company...
worldusa'Flagrant indifference:' Gas company pleads guilty, will pay record $53M for deadly Massachusetts explosions
Columbia Gas Company of Massachusetts will plead guilty to felony charges for not meeting safety standards that led to the catastrophic explosions.


Columbia Gas agrees to plead guilty...
worldusaColumbia Gas agrees to plead guilty in deadly 2018 Massachusetts explosions and leave the state, feds say
The utility company whose gas lines killed one person, injured 22 and displaced some 50,000 Massachusetts residents in a series of fires and explosions in 2018 has agreed to plead guilty to federal charges following an investigation by the US


Team develops separator that reduces...
sciencechemistryTeam develops separator that reduces gas crossover for water electrolyzer
Dr. Won-chul Cho of the Hydrogen Research Department of the Korea Institute of Energy Research (President Jong-nam Kim) has developed a separator membrane that significantly reduces gas crossover while exhibiting high performance comparable to the


Metal-organic frameworks can separate...
sciencechemistryMetal-organic frameworks can separate gases despite the presence of water
Metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) are promising materials for inexpensive and less energy-intensive gas separation even in the presence of impurities such as water.


Comparing greenhouse gas footprints...
scienceearthComparing greenhouse gas footprints of online versus traditional shopping
When consumers are trying to decide between traditional and online shopping, many factors come into play, such as price, quality, convenience and timeframe. Now, thanks to new research reported in ACS' Environmental Science & Technology,


Arrested after selling tens of...
cambodiasocialArrested after selling tens of thousands of dollars in gaskh
A woman took more than $ 40,000 in cash, but did not have enough masks and even escaped after being found by the victim The suspect was handed over to the suspect, 21-year-old Ongich Huong


Oregon GOP senators' walkout over...
worldusaOregon GOP senators' walkout over bill to cap greenhouse gas emissions a "dereliction of duty" say Democrats
The walkout took place after Oregon Senate President Peter Courtney, a Democrat, stepped in to break a tie over the passage of the controversial cap-and-trade bill.




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