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Good luck not exploding! Large gas...
cambodiaaccidentGood luck not exploding! Large gas tanker truck chest… ..kh
A large gas tanker truck of a Starbasic company has fully dismantled the boulders, cracked the three-wheeled bunker, put the car ahead and was lucky enough to not hurt. To Saturn Gas to set fire to the incident


The unfortunate fire broke out, and...
cambodiaaccidentThe unfortunate fire broke out, and ... A huge gas station truck broke through a three-wheeled road at 271kh
A huge titanic gas tanker truck, a cement truck, broke a rocky wall, broke a three-wheeler, crashed into a car and struck a playground at 2am.


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A LPG gas tank crashes into a stone...
cambodiaaccidentA LPG gas tank crashes into a stone wall, splitting its chestkh
An LPG gas tanker crashed into a stone wall, splitting its chest, causing serious damage. The incident happened around 3 pm


2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid...
technologycars2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid long-term wrap-up: Functionality with efficiency
We've just finished a year with our long-term Pacifica Hybrid, and we're going to miss our electrified workhorse.


Wind Turbines Harm Birds – These...
scienceearthWind Turbines Harm Birds – These Design and Placement Rules Could Minimize the Impact
Wind energy is increasingly seen as a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, as it contributes to a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. It is estimated that by 2050, wind turbines will contribute more than 20% of the global electricity supply.


Astronomers Unexpected Discovery...
sciencespaceAstronomers Unexpected Discovery Could Explain Supermassive Black Hole Growth in Early Universe
At the center of a galaxy called NGC 1068, a supermassive black hole hides within a thick doughnut-shaped cloud of dust and gas. When astronomers used the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) to study this cloud in more detail, they


Officials at Camcontrol find a gas...
cambodiapoliticsOfficials at Camcontrol find a gas station / depot in Sen Sokkh
Phnom Penh: Officials of the Department of Consumer Protection and Anti-Fraud Labs cooperated with Camcontrol Phnom Penh branch of Camcontrol Department on 18 October 2019


French police fired tear gas and...
worldFrench police fired tear gas and water cannon on protesterskh
French police fired tear gas and cannon on thousands of firefighters Protests in central Paris on Tuesday over lack of resources and a lack of positive recognition


California earthquake: State could be...
scienceCalifornia earthquake: State could be devastated by gas explosions in event of ‘Big One’
A MAJOR earthquake in California could rupture gas lines across the state and lead to sheer devastation, a politician has warned.


Former Nazi SS Guard, 93, Goes on...
worldeuropeFormer Nazi SS Guard, 93, Goes on Trial in Hamburg
From his post as a teenage SS private in a watchtower in Nazi Germany’s Stutthof concentration camp, Bruno Dey could hear the screams of Jews dying in the gas chamber. And, Dey later told investigators, the carting of their lifeless bodies to the




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