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Larry, Sergey, and the Mixed Legacy...
technologygoogleLarry, Sergey, and the Mixed Legacy of Google-Turned-Alphabet
With Larry Page and Sergey Brin stepping back (again!), Google CEO Sundar Pichai is now in charge of Alphabet—and its dysfunction.


Best gifts for mom in 2019: Google,...
healthtechnologyBest gifts for mom in 2019: Google, Willow and more
Want something unique and useful? We got mom covered.


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Got an Android phone? Here are all...
technologymobilegoogleGot an Android phone? Here are all the Best Apps YOU need to install right now
GOOGLE has unveiled its annual ranking of the best apps, movies, and television shows it believes every one of its 2.5 billion plus active users should be using right now. If you own an Android smartphone or tablet, heres’ everything you need to be


How Google’s Founders Slowly Stepped...
technologygoogleHow Google’s Founders Slowly Stepped Away From Their Company
Larry Page and Sergey Brin became billionaires thanks to the success of Google. But toward the end, they appeared happy to let someone else run it.


Let's go! Google CEO Sundar Pichai...
technologygoogleLet's go! Google CEO Sundar Pichai has come to know the biography of Google CEOkh
Sundar Pichai, CEO of US technology company Google, will take over as CEO of Alphabet, a Google-owned company after the former CEO resigned.


Pixel 4 update fixes 7 different...
technologymobilepixel 4googlePixel 4 update fixes 7 different problems with Google's latest smartphone
GOOGLE is fixing seven problems with its shiny new Pixel 4 flagship in a new update set to launch next week. Here’s everything owners can look forward to.


Random Hardware Errors Make a Quantum...
technologyRandom Hardware Errors Make a Quantum Computing Future Unlikely
Google announced this fall to much fanfare that it had demonstrated “quantum supremacy” – that is, it performed a specific quantum computation far faster than the best classical computers could achieve. IBM promptly critiqued the claim, saying that


Your Google Chrome web browser just...
technologymobilegoogleYour Google Chrome web browser just got one-upped by rival Mozilla Firefox
GOOGLE CHROME is being outflanked by Mozilla Firefox, which has announced a slew of new privacy-focused features that execute an idea floated by Google some seven months ago at its Google IO developer conference.


Google Maps has been overtaken as...
technologygoogleGoogle Maps has been overtaken as Waze receives another new feature
GOOGLE Maps and Waze continue to fiercely tussle in a bid to be your mapping app of choice, but a new update for the latter makes it the definitive winner, especially during this time of the year.


A brief biography of Google CEO...
worldgoogleA brief biography of Google CEO Sundar Pichai, originally from Indiakh
Sundar Pichai, CEO of US technology company Google, will take over as CEO of Alphabet, a Google-owned company after the former CEO resigned.




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