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New Hantavirus in China Is Newer Than...
cambodiapoliticsNew Hantavirus in China Is Newer Than Covid-19kh
New Hantavirus virus has emerged from a mouse and killed one in China, and the new strain has been infected. It is known to be transmitted through urine, feces, and saliva of mice, and can lead to easily catching people


A man was tested positive for a virus...
cambodiapoliticsA man was tested positive for a virus similar to the HIV-19 virus after falling on a bus in China.kh
Man dies suddenly on a bus in China due to Hantavirus virus - a far more dangerous virus than coronavirus


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Hantavirus: The disturbing way new...
worldHantavirus: The disturbing way new deadly virus in China is spreading
A NEWLY reported death in China from a virus completely different to COVID-19 has recently surfaced, sparking fears.


Man in China dies of NEW deadly virus...
worldchinaMan in China dies of NEW deadly virus ahead of coronavirus lockdown being lifted in Wuhan
A MAN in China has died after the country is hit by yet another deadly disease known as the hantavirus.


COVID-19 is not finished yet,...
healthCOVID-19 is not finished yet, "hantavirus" appears in China, but don't panic because ...kh
Travelers who died on a bus in China tested positive for a completely different virus to the Kov-19, the state-run Global Times newspaper reported on Monday. Identified from Yunnan Province


Hantavirus death in China does not...
healthchinaHantavirus death in China does not mean the start of another coronavirus-like outbreak
"There is no need to worry about the hantavirus," said Yang Zhanqiu, virologist at Wuhan University.


What is hantavirus? Man in China...
healthchinaWhat is hantavirus? Man in China tests positive after dying of infection spread by rodents
The virus is rarely passed between humans and usually originates from rodent waste.


A case of hantavirus has been...
healthchinaA case of hantavirus has been reported in China. Here's why you shouldn't worry.
A man who died in China Monday reportedly tested positive for a hantavirus, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should worry another pandemic is coming.


What is Hantavirus? At least one...
worldWhat is Hantavirus? At least one person dead as China fears new pathogen outbreak
CHINA has just reported a fresh outbreak of a pathogen that is more fatal than coronavirus after a man died from Hantavirus, sparking fears he may have spread the disease to many others.




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