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A California coronavirus patient...
healthA California coronavirus patient hospitalized a week ago wasn't initially tested
A patient being treated for novel coronavirus at UC Davis Medical Center was admitted to the facility last week but wasn't tested until Sunday, according to a letter sent to UC Davis staff and obtained by CNN.


C.D.C. Confirms First Possible...
healthC.D.C. Confirms First Possible Community Transmission of Coronavirus in U.S.
A case in California may be the first infection without a known link to travel abroad.


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Coronavirus Patient in California Was...
healthCoronavirus Patient in California Was Not Tested for DaysThe Coronavirus Outbreak
Doctors suspected infection with the virus, but the patient did not fit the federal criteria for testing.


The Minister of Health asks the...
cambodiapoliticsThe Minister of Health asks the provincial and provincial governors to advise citizens on the protection of COVID-19 and H1N1kh
Minister of Health Mam Bunheng has issued a letter to all provincial and municipal governors to help educate people on the measures to prevent the disease from COVID. -19, originating in China and H1N1, originating in Vietnam


How to prepare for coronavirus in the...
healthHow to prepare for coronavirus in the United States: 10 questions answered
CDC officials have warned that the novel coronavirus is likely to spread in communities in the United States. Here are 10 questions answered about how to prepare and protect yourself and your family.


New coronavirus case could be first...
healthNew coronavirus case could be first instance of 'community spread' in US, CDC says
A resident of Solano County, California, who has novel coronavirus might be the first example in the country of "community spread," a situation in which the patient did not have "relevant travel history or exposure to another known patient," the US


Fact Check: Trump addresses nation on...
worldusaFact Check: Trump addresses nation on coronavirus
President Donald Trump and top U.S. health officials addressed the nation on the new coronavirus, COVID-19, on Wednesday. Here's a factcheck.


A woman took 550 times the usual dose...
healthA woman took 550 times the usual dose of LSD, with surprisingly positive consequences
Accidental drug overdoses can be life threatening but for two women who took massive hits of LSD the experience was life changing -- in a good way.


People living on the border of...
healthPeople living on the border of Vietnam need to be careful of H5N1 bird flukh
As people worry about the coronavirus, the Cambodian Ministry of Health calls on people living on the Vietnamese border to be cautious The H5N1 bird flu epidemic has been reported following an outbreak


We tell suicidal people to go to...
worldusaWe tell suicidal people to go to therapy. So why are therapists rarely trained in suicide?
Suicidal people who seek therapy may not know that suicide training for mental health professionals is dangerously inadequate.




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