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Hong Kong protests enter 12th week,...
worldasiaHong Kong protests enter 12th week, as subway shuts some stations
Hong Kong (CNN)Earlier this month, Hong Kong's protesters brought the city's airport to a standstill. Now, as another weekend of demonstrations begins, the city's famously efficient subway has pre-emptively shuttered some of its own stations --


Hong Kong Airport, Roads and Railways...
worldHong Kong Airport, Roads and Railways Return to Normalkh
Hong Kong: Roads, railways and railways in Hong Kong are returning to normal on Saturday morning, despite demonstrators planning to protest again. Published by Reuters on Saturday afternoon


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Hong Kong Gears Up for More Protests
worldasiahong kongHong Kong Gears Up for More Protests
Hong Kong is gearing up for more protests as some demonstrators made plans to again to target the airport this weekend. Hong Kong police said Friday that the city’s high court had extended an order restricting protests at the airport. “Any person


China Says Employee of U.K.’s Hong...
worldhong kongchinaChina Says Employee of U.K.’s Hong Kong Consulate Has Been Freed
The employee, Simon Cheng, was missing for days before the Chinese government confirmed his detention.


British Consulate staff returns to...
worldBritish Consulate staff returns to Hong Kong after detention in Chinakh
A British consulate employee detained in China has returned to Hong Kong, according to a British consulate. Knowing about his family on Saturday, Simon Cheng went missing after traveling


Human chain across Hong Kong...
worldasiahong kongHuman chain across Hong Kong expresses solidarity and determination, say protesters
Protesters formed a human chain across Hong Kong Friday evening in a show of solidarity for the city's pro-democracy protest movement that continues to gain traction almost three months after it began.


Hong Kong Protesters to Join Hands...
worldhong kongHong Kong Protesters to Join Hands Across the City
The action, inspired by a similar demonstration in the Baltic States 30 years ago, will focus on calling for direct elections.


Hong Kong protesters to form human...
worldasiahong kongHong Kong protesters to form human chain across city
Thousands of pro-democracy protesters are creating a human chain across Hong Kong. Follow here for the latest developments.


Thousands Form Human Protest Chain...
worldchinahong kongThousands Form Human Protest Chain Amid Calls to 'Free Hong Kong!'
Protesters hold up placards in support of a bill that would require Washington to sanction officials who limit or abuse Hongkongers' rights and freedoms.


Chinese state media claim UK consular...
worldasiaChinese state media claim UK consular worker has been detained for soliciting prostitutes. His family say that's a 'joke'
The family of a Hong Kong citizen working for the British consulate, who has not been heard from for more than two weeks, have described reports that he was detained in China for soliciting prostitutes as a "joke."




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