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13-Year-Olds Are Arrested Over Hong...
worldhong kong13-Year-Olds Are Arrested Over Hong Kong Protests
One of the minors, a girl, was arrested on charges of burning a Chinese national flag. She was held overnight in police detention.


Hong Kong Protesters Vandalize Subway...
worldasiahong kongHong Kong Protesters Vandalize Subway Station, Deface Chinese Flag
Protesters on Hong Kong vandalized a subway station and defaced a Chinese flag Sunday during another weekend of pro-democracy demonstrations. Thousands also rallied inside a shopping mall in Sha Tin. Protesters later built a barricade across the


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Hong Kong protesters destroy subway...
worldHong Kong protesters destroy subway station and Chinese flagkh
Hong Kong protesters destroyed a subway station and a Chinese flag Sunday during pro-democracy demonstrations Another Democrat at the weekend


Hong Kong Police Move to Curb Airport...
worldasiahong kongHong Kong Police Move to Curb Airport Protests After Night of Violence
Hong Kong riot police took up position at the main rail station serving the airport Sunday to prevent a new anti-government protest targeting air travel after a night of violent street clashes in the Chinese-ruled territory. Protesters have targeted


Hong Kong protesters attack at train...
cambodiasocialHong Kong protesters attack at train stationkh
Hong Kong police fired tear gas at protesters who destroyed a train station, erected barricades and started firing at anti-Beijing protests this weekend, according to RT News. September 21st


Hong Kong faces protest at airport...
worldHong Kong faces protest at airport after clashes overnightkh
Hong Kong announced new ban on train travel on Sunday ahead of airport-focused rally On Saturday night, anti-government demonstrators used to protest in the ACK


Hong Kong Braces for Airport Protest...
worldasiahong kongHong Kong Braces for Airport Protest After Night of Violent Clashes
Hong Kong announced new curbs on rail travel Sunday ahead of the latest in a series of planned protests targeting the airport after a night of widespread violent street clashes in the Chinese-ruled territory. Anti-government protesters have targeted


Amnesty International accuses Hong...
cambodiasocialAmnesty International accuses Hong Kong of using excessive force and torture against protesterskh
Hong Kong Police Force (HKPF) denies British international human rights NGO Amnesty International claims that authorities have used excessive force and sometimes torture against pro-democracy protesters protesting extortion.


Tsang Hin-chi, Hong Kong billionaire,...
sportsTsang Hin-chi, Hong Kong billionaire, dies at 85kh
Hong Kong billionaire Tsang Hin-chi, a pioneer in China's industrial development, passed away in his hometown of Meizhou, Guangdong province on Friday afternoon at the age of 85, according to a release. From the website g


Clashes Erupt in Hong Kong After...
worldhong kongClashes Erupt in Hong Kong After Dueling Demonstrations
The violence near Hong Kong’s border with the Chinese mainland came less than two weeks before a sensitive political anniversary.




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