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Mapping Out the Water on the Moon -...
sciencespaceMapping Out the Water on the Moon - Universe Today
Using LRO data, the ESA recently created a map of water ice on the Moon, which will aid in future exploration and resource prospecting


Experiments lead to slip law for...
scienceearthExperiments lead to slip law for better forecasts of glacier speed, sea-level rise
Backed by experimental data from a laboratory machine that simulates the huge forces involved in glacier flow, glaciologists have written an equation that accounts for the motion of ice that rests on the soft, deformable ground underneath unusually


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The Arctic may influence Eurasian...
scienceearthThe Arctic may influence Eurasian extreme weather events in just two to three weeks
Previous research studies have revealed how rising temperatures and melting ice in the Arctic may impact the rest of Earth's climate over seasons, years and even longer. Now, two researchers from Fudan University in Shanghai, China, are making the


5 Comics to Catch Up on While...
technology5 Comics to Catch Up on While Self-Quarantined
Are you being a good citizen and staying at home? Good. Here are some comics to pass the time.


Arctic WARNING: North pole 'ticking...
scienceArctic WARNING: North pole 'ticking TIME BOMB' of deadly disease
THE Arctic is a 'ticking time bomb' waiting to release deadly diseases which have been trapped in the ice for millions of years, researchers have stated.


53 suspects arrested in 30 drug offenses
cambodiasocial53 suspects arrested in 30 drug offenseskh
53 suspects (3 women) were arrested in connection with 30 drug offenses Nationwide, on April 2, of these 53 suspects were 27 drug traffickers


Antarctica shock: ‘Giant evolving’...
scienceAntarctica shock: ‘Giant evolving’ sea creatures unearthed by divers below ice revealed
ANTARCTICA divers made an incredible find below the ice, revealing "giant" sea creatures that had evolved thanks to the harsh conditions.


Arrested 43 suspects in 14 drug offenses
cambodiapoliticsArrested 43 suspects in 14 drug offenseskh
43 suspects arrested in two drug-related offenses in Phnom Penh Nationwide, on April 1, of these 43 suspects were 34 drug dealers


The results of the March 31 drug...
cambodiasocialThe results of the March 31 drug crackdown have arrested 51 suspectskh
Phnom Penh: According to the report of the Third Commission of the Anti-Illegal Drugs Campaign, which implemented the law on March 31, 2020, the crackdown (trafficking, storage, transport, cultivation, production, processing, location and Usage) amount


Traces of a rainforest that existed...
sciencetechTraces of a rainforest that existed in Antarctica 90 million years ago found preserved in soil
Preserved roots, pollen, and spores from the forest were found in an ice core taken from near the Pine Island and Thwaites glaciers in West Antarctica




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