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Coronavirus: India's pandemic...
healthCoronavirus: India's pandemic lockdown turns into a human tragedy
Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers are fleeing cities, posing a fresh risk of infection.


A police officer is wearing a...
worldasiaA police officer is wearing a coronavirus helmet to warn people to stay inside during India's lockdown
As India enforces a nationwide lockdown due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, one police officer has found a creative way to get the message across.


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India will spend $ 22 billion to feed...
economyIndia will spend $ 22 billion to feed the poor affected by the Corona viruskh
India has announced a $ 22 billion package to ensure no people are deprived of food in the country's shutdown For some time the epidemic of Corona caused millions of poor people to suffer


India's poverty will end the country...
cambodiaeconomyIndia's poverty will end the country by April 15kh
The Indian government has no plans to extend further house confinement beyond the initial 21-day period because the closure of the country and the orb are counting Indians. Millions have no source of income according to their ban plans


Indian police officers beat up locals...
worldIndian police officers beat up locals defying coronavirus lockdown rules in brutal video
INDIAN police officers are using violent and brutal methods to punish those who fail to comply with the coronavirus lockdown rules imposed by the Government last week.


25 Indian Family Members Contract...
worldasia25 Indian Family Members Contract COVID-19
Twenty-five members of an Indian family from Sangli in Maharashtra have tested positive for COVID-19, according to a Press Trust of India report. The account said four family members who had been in Saudi Arabia tested positive for the virus on


Indian Prime Minister Modi begs for...
worldIndian Prime Minister Modi begs for forgiveness over 'difficult' coronavirus decision
INDIA'S PRIME MINISTER has begged for his countries forgiveness over the countries sweeping lockdown which has left millions out of work.


India’s Coronavirus Lockdown Leaves...
worldindiaIndia’s Coronavirus Lockdown Leaves Vast Numbers of Migrants Stranded The Coronavirus Outbreak
Hundreds of thousands of migrant laborers began long journeys on foot to get home. Most live and eat where they work, and the shutdown made them suddenly homeless.


India needs at least 38 million masks...
cambodiasocialIndia needs at least 38 million masks to fight the coronaviruskh
India needs a minimum of 38 million masks and 6.2 million live defense equipment as the country faces the spread of the coronavirus, according to a report by the Investment Agency of India. Access to hundreds of companies


India reports new COVID-19 new cases,...
worldIndia reports new COVID-19 new cases, rising to 873kh
NEW DELHI: Indian health authorities have announced the discovery of 149 new cases of COVID-19, the highest number of infections so far this year, according to a report released by CNN on Saturday. March 2020, according to the Indian Health Authority,...




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