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Iranian experts say Iran is not "hot"...
worldIranian experts say Iran is not "hot" because Iran is different from Iraq ...kh
British Prime Minister Theresa May held an emergency meeting with the government's emergency cabinet (Cobra) to find ways to deal with Britain's controversial oil tanker seized, British Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said. By Iran


Iran says the fate of the British...
worldIran says the fate of the British flag carrier depends on the collaboration of the crewkh
Tehran: Iran said on Sunday that the fate of the British flag carrier, which it refused to hand over After sailing in the Gulf Coast, the ship's crew was on board A


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Large nations will meet in Austria...
worldLarge nations will meet in Austria "to find ways to recover Iran's nuclear deal," but the US will not joinkh
Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China are scheduled to meet with Iran in Vienna, Austria, on July 28, 2019 to discuss ways to restart the next Iranian nuclear deal 2015 (JCPOA).


Britain has been drawn into Iran's...
worldBritain has been drawn into Iran's dispute with the Persian Gulf in the Persian Gulf.kh
The UK is now in dispute with Iran in the Persian Gulf after the Iranian captivity, and Iran has also captured two British tankers. At this time, Britain increased its military strength in the Gulf and joined the allies


Iran's navy chief says Iran has a lot...
worldIran's navy chief says Iran has a lot of photos of the US's daily activities in the Persian Gulf.kh
Relations between Iran and the United States have dropped to the lowest level recently with Ron and oil tanker At the center of the conflict over the last two months, the Iranian navy chief said Iran


The British prime minister will meet...
worldThe British prime minister will meet with ministers and security officials for talks on how to deal with issues seized by Iran Ship of oilkh
On Monday, British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet with ministers and security officials for urgent talks on how to deal with the crisis. The problem that Iran seized was a flag carrier


Iran Tells Boris Johnson It Doesn’t...
worldIran Tells Boris Johnson It Doesn’t Want Confrontation, but Will Protect Itself
The comments came shortly after Boris Johnson won the contest to become Britain’s prime minister and days after Iran seized a British tanker.


Iran arrests 17 of its citizens, who...
worldusaIran arrests 17 of its citizens, who are accused of working for the CIAkh
Iran announced on Monday the arrest of 17 Iranians charged by authorities for secret surveillance CIA in the country's nuclear and military sites. Some have been sentenced to death.


Iran says it will meet with the sides...
worldIran says it will meet with the sides of the nuclear deal on Sundaykh
Iran has said it will attend a meeting of diplomats from countries that remain part of the 2015 nuclear deal. As they try to rescue important agreements that the meeting will be held


Israeli ministers boast that his...
worldIsraeli ministers boast that his country is killing the people of Irankh
A Israeli minister vowed Sunday that his country was the only country to " Has been killing the people of Iran "



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