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‘What Is Going to Happen to Us?’...
world‘What Is Going to Happen to Us?’ Inside ISIS Prison, Children Ask Their Fate
A rare inside look by New York Times journalists exposes an enormous legal and humanitarian crisis, one that the world has largely chosen to ignore.


Trump in furious attack on EU as he...
worldTrump in furious attack on EU as he lashes out at Europe’s role in fight against ISIS
DONALD TRUMP launched a scathing attack on EU countries today over their role in the fight against ISIS, claiming they have been unresponsive in repatriating their citizens who fought for the death cult.


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Trump brands Syria a 'bloodstained...
worldTrump brands Syria a 'bloodstained sand' as he boasts US defeated ISIS '100 percent'
DONALD TRUMP has boasted of the complete defeat of ISIS and the need to withdraw from Syria in a statement from the White House today.


A Reporter Walked Into a Prison Full...
worldA Reporter Walked Into a Prison Full of ISIS Detainees
Don’t worry. None of them were killers. Or so they insisted.


TikTok Boots Dozens of ISIS Accounts
technologyTikTok Boots Dozens of ISIS Accounts
For years, the Islamic State has used popular social media platforms networks Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and YouTube to recruit across the world—so of course, TikTok, one of the fastest-growing platforms, has been used to push ISIS propaganda.


ISIS Reaps Gains of U.S. Pullout From...
worldISIS Reaps Gains of U.S. Pullout From Syria
The troop withdrawal ends American operations against the terrorist group conducted jointly with a Kurdish-led militia.


Trump Said to Favor Leaving a Few...
worldTrump Said to Favor Leaving a Few Hundred Troops in Eastern Syria
The president appears to be trying to balance competing impulses: bringing troops home while ensuring that efforts to contain ISIS will continue — and answering withering criticism for his Syria policy.


Families of French Isis killers...
worldFamilies of French Isis killers demand Macron let them home as violence erupts in Syria
THE families of French Islamic State (Isis) militants urged President Emmanuel Macron on Saturday to repatriate their loved ones from Syria “as quickly as possible,” in light of Turkey’s military operation against Kurdish forces in the troubled


TikTok is the latest platform to pull...
technologyTikTok is the latest platform to pull ISIS propaganda videos
Approximately two dozen TikTok accounts were posting Islamic State propaganda videos.


Desperate Pleas to Free Women and...
worldDesperate Pleas to Free Women and Children From ISIS Camps in Syria
The violence that has followed an American pullback has intensified questions about what duty nations have to citizens detained abroad, even those affiliated with a terrorist group.




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