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Incredible! Experts say the corona...
cambodiapoliticsIncredible! Experts say the corona virus can be transmitted through the cornea very quicklykh
China's new coronavirus has claimed the lives of 41 people and the number of confirmed cases has reached 1,977, according to Chinese authorities.


Unfortunately, four male students...
cambodiasocialUnfortunately, four male students mistreated a female student, causing three sewing threads to go unsolved (video)kh
You know, in the meantime, the story of a gangster gang of boys and girls is exploding on Facebook


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Cambodia temporarily suspended...
cambodiapoliticsCambodia temporarily suspended flights from China while our country, Vietnam, is infected with the viruskh
No doubt you know that Coronavirus is hitting China hard and causing many deaths due to the Coronavirus virus.


The video, while infected with the...
cambodiasocialThe video, while infected with the new pneumonia virus, Corona, was standing still and suddenly collapsed, which was quite shocking ...kh
It's really scary when watching a video that is shared across Facebook about a sudden human seizure at the site of a new pneumonia. Corona virus


Worse ... The number of deaths due to...
cambodiasocialWorse ... The number of deaths due to the new respiratory virus has risen to 41 and more than 1,000 have been infected ...kh
BEIJING - Chinese authorities have confirmed that a new respiratory virus, the coronavirus, has killed 41 people and the number of infected has reached 1,997, according to CGTN.


Very sad ... 79-year-old sadness she...
cambodiapoliticsVery sad ... 79-year-old sadness she can hardly bear alone nursery nursery peppers for sale at the market to feed and raise enough children And another granddaughter ... videokh
The life of each of us, born in the past, aspires to live in the future and to have a comfortable home, full of money, in old age, if we look back at the life of a grandmother living in an old hut.


Buddha, Mr. Aye ... He is 85 years...
cambodiapoliticsBuddha, Mr. Aye ... He is 85 years old every day cyclo around Central Market to support his brother if you meet him, please help him because some days he can also ... There are videoskh
Many of you know who you are, and that she has helped so many in society, which is why so many of you love and support her acts of helping the needy.


So sad ... owner ...
cambodiapoliticsSo sad ... owner ...kh
There is no one in the world who is poor and no one wants to live in poverty, nothing to eat, no clothes to wear, and nothing to eat, except the life of a pitiful little girl.




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