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It's no longer difficult for phones...
technologymobilekhIt's no longer difficult for phones to lose battery life while playing games on this smartphone
Online games are some of the most popular games of this generation of young people, some of which involve small groups and play as a team, sometimes even though they are too far away, they can still play games.


Huawei's "Hong Meng" operation is...
technologymobilekhHuawei's "Hong Meng" operation is expected to expire at the end of this year and as early as next year
Following a trade dispute between the United States and China and a breakthrough between Google and Huawei, one of China's major flagship companies confirmed that it was readying its way back in the past seven years by shaping production.


This year's plowing ceremony of rice,...
cambodiasocialkhThis year's plowing ceremony of rice, corn and soybeans has improved
Takeo Province: On May 22, 2019, the Royal Plowing Ceremony will be held at the site of the Dounkeo Stadium in Takeo province, under the presidency of His Majesty King Preah Bat Samdech Preahdechkha Preah Boromneath


Huawei has been preparing for its...
technologymobilekhHuawei has been preparing for its next seven years
Chinese tech giant Huawei has confirmed to reporters that it has developed its operating system to replace Google and Android's Android operating system.


"Hong Meng" is Huawei's own operating...
technologykh"Hong Meng" is Huawei's own operating system, after the company predicted that the US would put pressure on itself.
In March, Huawei CEO Richard Yu once said that the company had already established its own operating system, in the event that they could face the United States.


Having only $ 300 and wanting a good...
technologykhHaving only $ 300 and wanting a good smartphone is no longer a problem
Apart from smart phone selection and price factor, it is also the main point to consider.


The United States defines Huawei for...
technologykhThe United States defines Huawei for another 90 days before implementing a formal ban
On Monday, the United States relaxed some of the restrictions they imposed last week on China's Huawei Technologies.


Who loves to take pictures with a...
technologykhWho loves to take pictures with a camera mobile?
When the country is at peace and prosperity, it is a time when all people are interested in technology, mobile phones, material things, such as phones after their eating habits, which is a factor.


WhatsApp can be a way for hackers to...
technologykhWhatsApp can be a way for hackers to steal your data
Technology researchers have found bugs in WhatsApp, which allows anonymous users to steal user data.


The Ministry of Education issues an...
cambodiasocialkhThe Ministry of Education issues an Emergency Statement on Fake Diploma Service
Recently, there is a distribution of Facebook social services related to baccalaureate and baccalaureate services, which are different from the ministry's principles.



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