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Sok Srey Neang is happy to meet KH...
entertainmentSok Srey Neang is happy to meet KH owners after nearly 10 years of separationkh
Yesterday, Ms. Srey Srey Neang, who used to live in KH, was surprised to believe that the owner of KH was grateful to be offered a place to sing along the way. Describe: “How true this fish is


Sok Srey Neang was skeptical after...
entertainmentSok Srey Neang was skeptical after hearing that KH, the first owner of the KH, who offered to give himself a place to sing, suddenly came to shop on the street.kh
You probably know that former KH producer Kim Heng has disappeared from the world of art after the production closed, using a simple life cultivating fruit as a farmer, with whom Kim Heng came. Phnom Penh to do business by


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Chhin Manit is dissatisfied with an...
entertainmentChhin Manit is dissatisfied with an era in which 3 women dance on stage and dress inappropriatelykh
Chhin Manit has expressed his displeasure with the two pictures, which show three women who could be dancers in a dance band, dancing on stage and wearing sexy in a show without knowing what the show is. And in any province the release


San Phanith revealed that not only...
entertainmentSan Phanith revealed that not only did Kim Heng fall, Sreng Vanni, the former owner of Rasmei Sangke, also thought they were playing.kh
San Phanit, the famous singer of the 2000s, popular and most people know him as a singer who likes to play hairdresser and "busy", "telephone". Tell ”along with many other popular songs


The case of a car accident between a...
cambodiaaccidentThe case of a car accident between a 24-seat sedan and a luxury sports car has been resolved. ”kh
Earlier, Phan Vannak posted that the traffic accident between Phnom Penh traffic police and modern sports car Canoe Round is resolved by the owner of the sports car


A group of young people gathered at...
cambodiasocialA group of young people gathered at Wat Botum Park to participate in the “World Day Without a Trash” programkh
Recently, the Ministry of Tourism organized a joint event with Let Do It to organize a “Clean World Day” without calling on Cambodian people to clean up on September 21, 2019, in the form of a group of young rubbish. Called for participation


Oknha Duong Chhay leads a group of...
cambodiapoliticsOknha Duong Chhay leads a group of 96-year-old disabled elderly people in the Prey Samnang district of Kampot province.kh
As the time of Pchum Ben is celebrated, everyone always goes to the monastery to offer to the monks, and he also led a team to help provide food to the poor, poor and poor monasteries. According to the official page source


So sweet! Young actress Julie appears...
entertainmentSo sweet! Young actress Julie appears in love with couple as well as familykh
Recently, a social media post by young actor Chea Vannakili, named in Julia Art, known to many in PNN's "The Snake Gang", appeared on the star's face. A new shoot named Jackie Jiang Yuan by all


Chheng Prasit to take a step in the...
entertainmentChheng Prasit to take a step in the field of filmmaking! The cast was immediately impressed by the director's praise that the talent was really goodkh
Chheng Prasidh, a former contestant for The Voice Kids Cambodia Season 2, who looks and looks like a Korean child, has appeared in the art market with frequent appearances, as well as occasional singing and recording. Business as well as


Congratulations! Miss Grand Cambodia...
entertainmentCongratulations! Miss Grand Cambodia 2019 has found the crown prince and the young beauty and the British teacherkh
On the night of September 19, Miss Grand Cambodia 2019 found the crown of the winner, after a fierce contest of 29 nominations, with the winner of Miss Srey Neath wearing the 23rd and 2nd place winners. Go to Miss San Siving Winner 3




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