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Over two dozen encryption experts...
technologyindiaOver two dozen encryption experts call on India to rethink changes to its intermediary liability rules
Security and encryption experts from around the world are joining a number of organizations to call on India to reconsider its proposed amendments to local intermediary liability rules. In an open letter to India’s IT Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad on


GitHub, Mozilla, and Cloudflare...
technologyindiaGitHub, Mozilla, and Cloudflare appeal India to be transparent about changes in its intermediary liability rules
Microsoft’s GitHub, Mozilla, and Cloudflare have urged India to be transparent about the amendments it is making to an upcoming law that could affect swathes of companies and the way more than half a billion people access information online. In


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As of January 4, nearly 8,000...
cambodiapoliticsAs of January 4, nearly 8,000 officials had declared assets and liabilities at the ACUkh
As of January 4, 2020, nearly 8,000 property and debt declarations have already been submitted to the Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU). ACU) among the obligors shall declare assets and liabilities approximately


ACU: 2019 announces more than 20,000...
cambodiapoliticsACU: 2019 announces more than 20,000 assets and liabilitieskh
Anti-Corruption Unit: Om Yentieng, Chief of Anti-Corruption Unit in 2019 Received more than 20,000 debtors during the 53rd Meeting

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Wikimedia Foundation expresses deep...
technologyindiaWikimedia Foundation expresses deep concerns about India’s proposed intermediary liability rules
Wikimedia Foundation, the nonprofit group that operates Wikipedia and a number of other projects, has urged the Indian government to rethink the proposed changes to the nation’s intermediary liability rules that would affect swathes of companies and

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