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Elon Musk hints The Witcher video...
technologycarsthe witcherteslaelon muskElon Musk hints The Witcher video game is headed to Teslas
The carmaker's CEO agreed Minecraft would be a welcome addition to the Tesla Arcade, too.


Cat Flip!
gamingdoom eternalCat Flip!
Hello! This week we watch a Minecraft player electrocute themselves, get ready to go to Hell in Doom Eternal, learn about all the games getting delayed, take over an airport TV to play some Apex Legends and meet a cat who does front flips.


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Minecraft meets Harry Potter in this...
gamingharry potterminecraftMinecraft meets Harry Potter in this heartfelt RPG map
Harry Potter fans have banded together to build not just a recreation of Hogwarts in Minecraft, but a multifaceted map with spellcasting, Quidditch, obstacle courses, and lots of familiar faces. You don't have to be super into Minecraft or ...


This ambitious Minecraft Harry Potter...
gamingminecraftharry potterThis ambitious Minecraft Harry Potter mod will let you enroll at Block-warts
While you're waiting for Fantastic Beasts 3 to hit theaters next year, you'll soon be able to enroll at a blocky version of Hogwarts yourself. A group of Minecraft masterminds calling themselves the Floo Network have created the Minecraft School of


Fans are creating a Harry Potter...
gamingminecraftharry potterFans are creating a Harry Potter role-playing game inside 'Minecraft'
You'll soon get to attend Hogwarts in Minecraft,' although it's not certain if this will survive legal scrutiny.


Modders Build Entire Harry Potter...
gamingharry potterminecraftModders Build Entire Harry Potter World in Minecraft
A group of modders has brought the world of Harry Potter to Minecraft.


Minecraft Player Gets Electrocuted...
gamingminecraftMinecraft Player Gets Electrocuted Every Time He Takes Damage
Congratulations, Dream and GeorgeNotFound. You have found the worst way possible to play Minecraft.


Minecraft Harry Potter mod is...
gamingminecraftharry potterMinecraft Harry Potter mod is practically a whole new game
A team of modders called Floo Network are working on a pretty darn cool Minecraft Harry Potter mod that promises to provide magical gameplay for fans of the wizarding franchise.




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