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The Week in Tech: An Emerging Twist...
technologyThe Week in Tech: An Emerging Twist on Antitrust
If regulators and lawmakers are serious, they’re going to have to rethink a traditional approach to monopolies.


In the new game of Monopoly, women...
worldusamonopolyIn the new game of Monopoly, women make more than men
Ms. Monopoly gives female players an advantage when playing, putting a slight twist on the original Monopoly.


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50 Attorneys General Target Google...
technologygoogle50 Attorneys General Target Google With Sweeping Antitrust Investigation
Yet another investigation has formally begun into Google’s possible monopoly power, this time lead by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.


ByteDance is the Next Dark Monopoly
technologyByteDance is the Next Dark Monopoly
Even as anti-trust regulators are finally starting to go after a failed group of “Town Square Marketplaces” who created dangerous…


The high priest said: "Hong Phearin...
cambodiapoliticsThe high priest said: "Hong Phearin is not a monopoly of hostages; people who run to your feet after you became famous as Syrians."kh
Since Hong Phearin, a student in Thailand, has competed in the SUPER 100 program and has shown exceptional ability to get the nickname of Cambodian Wonder from Thailand, he has won praise from the people of Cambodia. Much more recently


The Sonic The Hedgehog Monopoly Game...
gamingsonic the hedgehogmonopolyThe Sonic The Hedgehog Monopoly Game Is About Going Fast And Battling Bosses
Debuting in 2017 with a Mario-themed set, Monopoly Gamer combines Hasbro’s classic real estate board game with iconic video game characters and unique game mechanics. Now it’s Sonic’s turn to race around the board, collecting rings, fighting for


Yes, there's a socialism-themed...
worldusamonopolyYes, there's a socialism-themed Monopoly game. It packs a message tailored for capitalists
Winning is for capitalists. At least that's the message behind a parody of Monopoly that surfaced this week after a Twitter thread on the game spread widely.

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