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Increasingly, this little boy and...
entertainmentIncreasingly, this little boy and Vanilla look like mother-childrenkh
It was even more interesting to see the former singer of the Rita Vita Nila show with a boy about three months old. Remember that during December


Power theories: Kanan Stark to be...
entertainmentPower theories: Kanan Stark to be revealed as Tariq St Patrick’s father in huge twist?
POWER came to an end last weekend with Ghost's killer finally revealed as Tariq St Patrick. The teen has headed off to college while his mother Tasha went to jail. Following the dramatic finale, it was revealed there would be four more spin-offs.


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This father lost his wife during...
healthThis father lost his wife during childbirth. Now he's taking actionThis father lost his wife during childbirth. Now he's taking action
Charles Johnston lost his wife Kira during what was supposed to be a routine Cesarian section. Now he's suing an LA hospital. CNN's Robyn Curnow takes a look at the rising death rates among mothers during childbirth in the US.


Trot singer Song Ga In says her...
entertainmentkoreanTrot singer Song Ga In says her mother stopped pressuring her for marriage after gaining fame
Trot singer Song Ga In talked about her different life after fame.On the February 16th episode of 'My Little Old Boy', Song Ga In discussed the how…


A girl born in a poor family, a...
cambodiasocialA girl born in a poor family, a mother, a shopkeeper in the market, a drunk father, struggles to graduate from a Japanese high school but dies young.kh
According to the Facebook account of a woman named Mak Reachy, she expressed sadness and sadness while A beautiful, intelligent girl passed away


Very buried! Valentines Day...
entertainmentVery buried! Valentines Day Valentine's Day Gifts for Mother's Day Luxury Car!kh
Of course, this past Valentine's Day, everyone will know about celebrities, whether in our country or abroad, always show love to their loved ones. Beautiful gifts and great value to them


No mom! Toto's Mother Gets a Gift...
entertainmentNo mom! Toto's Mother Gets a Gift From 4 Diamondskh
Many of you know, and the famous actress, Mark Senita, has been known as Tata, which has always attracted many people, especially through her private life. Much to the surprise again when she was


Virginia teen accused of killing...
worldusaVirginia teen accused of killing mother and 6-year-old brother before fleeing to North Carolina
A Virginia teen was arrested in North Carolina on Saturday on suspicion of killing his mother and 6-year-old brother, authorities said.


3 Connecticut high school girls are...
worldusa3 Connecticut high school girls are suing over a policy that allows trans athletes to compete in girls' sports
Three Connecticut high school girls, represented by their mothers, have filed a lawsuit over a policy which allows transgender athletes to participate in sports based on their gender identity.


A daughter wrote a message of hope in...
worldusaA daughter wrote a message of hope in the snow for her mother who's battling cancer
A snowfall in northern Ohio inspired a cancer patient's daughter to write a message to her mom in the fresh snow outside her hospital room at the Cleveland Clinic.




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