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NASA astronaut makes history with...
worldusanasaNASA astronaut makes history with ceremonyNASA astronaut makes history with ceremony
800 future soldiers made history by taking an oath of enlistment from an astronaut in space. CNN affiliate KTRK reports.


NASA selects new instrument to...
sciencespacenasaNASA selects new instrument to continue key climate record
NASA has selected a new space-based instrument as an innovative and cost-effective approach to maintaining the 40-year data record of the balance between the solar radiation entering Earth's atmosphere and the amount absorbed, reflected, and


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Orion motor test for NASA is a...
technologynasaOrion motor test for NASA is a successful and fiery display of power
An Orion spacecraft motor passed its final test, a “30-second hot fire.” It’s one of three motors for the planned Artemis II mission to the moon.


NASA bombshell: Agency forced to...
sciencenasaNASA bombshell: Agency forced to DELAY vital mission to find water back to 2023
NASA has delayed its breakthrough mission to try and locate water on the Moon until 2023.


Look down into a pit on Mars. The...
sciencespaceLook down into a pit on Mars. The caved-in roof of a lava tube could be a good place to explore on the Red Planet - Universe Today
Want to look inside a deep, dark pit on Mars? The scientists and engineers from the NASA’s HiRISE Camera on board the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter have done just that. From its orbit about 260 km (160 miles) above the surface, HiRISE can this camera


Asteroid alert: A 100M asteroid is...
scienceAsteroid alert: A 100M asteroid is heading towards us days after discovery - Will it hit?
AN ASTEROID standing taller than Big Ben's clocktower is barreling towards our planet just three days after NASA confirmed its presence in the solar system.


15-million-year-old crater on Earth...
sciencespace15-million-year-old crater on Earth reveals clues about Mars' watery past
A view of Nördlinger Ries, a 15-mile-wide (24 kilometers) impact crater in southern Germany that was created by a meteorite impact 15 million years ago. (Image credit: NASA WorldWind)Meteorite samples from an ancient impact site in Germany may offer


NASA news: Mars InSight space probe...
sciencenasaNASA news: Mars InSight space probe detects ‘mystery’ glow in Martian night sky
NASA's Mars InSight space probe has made several discoveries since its 2018 launch. But the lander now spotted one of the strangest findings yet - observing a strange glow in the Martian night sky.


NASA's VIPER moon mission to seek out...
sciencespacenasaNASA's VIPER moon mission to seek out lunar water slips to 2023
NASA is delaying the launch of a long-lived rover designed to sniff out water on the moon.The agency announced plans for the new VIPER mission (the name is short for Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover) in October 2019 as part of the




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