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Finally! North Korea recognizes Ri...
worldFinally! North Korea recognizes Ri Son Gwon as the new foreign ministerkh
North Korean state media KCNA on Friday officially confirmed that Ri Son Gwon, a former senior military official with little diplomatic experience, has been appointed North Korea's foreign minister. New as nuclear talks


North Korea will ban foreign tourists...
economyNorth Korea will ban foreign tourists from entering the country to prevent new respiratory diseaseskh
North Korea will ban foreign tourists from entering their country to protect themselves from the virus, a major tourism operator said. A new type of virus, like the SARS virus, has claimed lives


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North Korea Bans All Foreigners in...
worldasianorth koreaNorth Korea Bans All Foreigners in Response to Chinese Virus
North Korea banned all foreign visitors from entering the country as a precaution against the recent outbreak of the coronavirus in China.


North Korea begins blocking border...
lifeNorth Korea begins blocking border checkpoints for one reasonkh
North Korea's government has begun closing border checkpoints ...


North Korea may be preparing a huge...
worldnorth koreaNorth Korea may be preparing a huge display of military might, satellite images reveal
NORTH KOREA seems to be preparing to hold a military parade which could take place in the coming weeks.


Virus-Related Tourism Ban Could Hurt...
worldasianorth koreaVirus-Related Tourism Ban Could Hurt North Korea’s Economy
North Korea has temporarily banned foreign tourists in response to the outbreak of a dangerous new virus in neighboring China. Depending on how long the ban lasts, it could hurt North Korea’s economy, which though heavily sanctioned, has received a


Efforts to Denuclearize North Korea...
worldnorth koreaEfforts to Denuclearize North Korea Will Continue Despite Hard-Line Minister, U.S. Says
Privately, some American officials acknowledge that the administration has gotten nowhere in negotiations, and that there is no sign the North will give up its nuclear weapons.


tvN Drama 'Crash Landing On You'...
entertainmentkoreannorth koreatvN Drama 'Crash Landing On You' under criticism for romanticizing North Korea
Drama 'Crash Landing On You' is under criticism for glamorizing and romanticizing North Korea. On January 22nd, the Seoul Metropolitan Pol…


North Korea: It may find new path,...
worldNorth Korea: It may find new path, speed ahead of weapons programkh
Pyongyang on Tuesday warned it could find new routes and accelerate its weapons program after the city. Washington imposed new sanctions on North Korean companies amid nuclear talks stalled


North Korea bans foreign tourists...
worldNorth Korea bans foreign tourists from new viruseskh
North Korea has banned foreign tourists from entering the country to guard against the spread of the new virus, the tourism bureau said From China, Young Pioneer Tours said in a statement the closure of the border




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