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Russia Raises Concerns Over new US...
worldeuroperussiaRussia Raises Concerns Over new US Ballistic Missile Test
Russia said on Friday it was alarmed after the United States tested a ground-launched ballistic missile that would have been prohibited under the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces Treaty, the RIA news agency reported. The United States carried out


The Next Nuclear Plants Will Be...
technologyThe Next Nuclear Plants Will Be Small, Svelte, and Safer
A new generation of reactors will start producing power in the next few years. They're comparatively tiny—and may be key to hitting our climate goals.


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DPRK says US has no concessions on...
worldDPRK says US has no concessions on nuclear talks 13 Dec 2019, 8:39 pmkh
North Korea on December 12 assures the United States that Washington has made no concessions to Pyongyang in setting up program disarmament talks. Nuclear re-enactment The North Korean version of this was after the US ambassador


EU on BRINK as Lagarde admits bleak...
worldEU on BRINK as Lagarde admits bleak outlook for European economy - 'let's face it'
EU CENTRAL Bank President Christine Lagarde admitted on Thursday the EU was facing "relatively weak growth" as she urged citizens "let's face it".


Cambodia tells the world that...
cambodiapoliticsCambodia tells the world that chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear weapons are dangerous and affect the health of human lives, environment and society as a wholekh
(Indonesia): Gen. Dr. Sao Sovanny, deputy secretary-general of the National Chemicals Authority, said that chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) weapons are a serious and serious threat to health, human life, environment and society.


EU row explodes: 'Not with OUR money'...
worldEU row explodes: 'Not with OUR money' Bettel hits out in nuclear feud with Macron
THE EU showed signs of division among leaders as Luxembourgish Prime Minister Xavier Bettel harshly rejected suggestions nuclear energy could be used as a renewable source of energy despite Emmanuel Macron insisting member states should have the


Fukushima Soil Decontamination:...
scienceearthFukushima Soil Decontamination: Lessons learned
Following the accident at the Fukushima nuclear power plant in March 2011, the Japanese authorities decided to carry out major decontamination works in the affected area, which covers more than 9,000 km2. On December 12, 2019, with most of this work


'Treat me like an idiot' Piers Morgan...
entertainment'Treat me like an idiot' Piers Morgan clashes with Labour MP over Corbyn's Trident plan
PIERS MORGAN interviewed Labour MP, Laura Pidcock on Good Morning Britain to discuss Jeremy Corbyn’s and the Labour Party’s conflicting views on nuclear deterrent, Trident. But the MP failed to explain how the leader’s position on the deterrent


Hyper-Detailed Maps Reveal Seafloor...
technologyHyper-Detailed Maps Reveal Seafloor Craters From Bikini Atoll Nuclear Tests
Seafloor mapping has revealed craters beneath the Pacific Ocean from nuclear weapons testing, scientists report.


‘Nothing left to lose!’ North Korea...
worldnorth korea‘Nothing left to lose!’ North Korea sets alarm bells ringing with cryptic Trump warning
NORTH Korea has “nothing left to lose” in the wake of US President Donald Trump’s latest warnings, a senior PyongYang official has said in a cryptic remark which is certain to trigger alarm bells in Washington about the possibility of nuclear




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