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A 19-patient Kivi patient bites a...
worldA 19-patient Kivi patient bites a nurse in China to escapekh
CHINA - A Nigerian man infected with polio 19 has become the latest foreigner to face the virus With calls for deportation from China on social media, 47-year-old man known as Ok


Massachusetts veterans home with...
worldusaMassachusetts veterans home with coronavirus outbreak sees more deaths
Officials in Massachusetts on Thursday announced more deaths at a veterans nursing home where at least 12 people have died from the novel coronavirus.


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Coronavirus Strikes 66 of 84...
worldCoronavirus Strikes 66 of 84 Residents of San Antonio Nursing Home
San Antonio, Texas, officials report that 66 of 84 residents of a local nursing home are infected with the Coronavirus.


‘I just had a baby - now I’m going to...
worldusa‘I just had a baby - now I’m going to the frontline.’
A nurse in NYC ended her maternity leave early to help her colleagues on the frontline.


'We are dying': See nurses' emotional...
health'We are dying': See nurses' emotional pleas'We are dying': See nurses' emotional pleas
Nurses in New York made passionate pleas for more protective equipment while they treat patients amid the coronavirus pandemic.


NY nurses use 3D face masks due to...
worldusaNY nurses use 3D face masks due to acute shortage
NY nurses use 3D face masks due to acute shortage


How hospitals across U.S. are...
healthHow hospitals across U.S. are increasing staffing of nurses, doctors
How hospitals across the U.S. are finding creative ways to handle a potential shortage in nurses, doctors, other medical staff due to COVID-19.


NY Doctor: We are sheep going to...
worldusaNY Doctor: We are sheep going to slaughter
Nurses and doctors at Montefiore Medical Center in New York City are protesting the lack of personal protective equipment. One doctor described the situation as: \


Spain sees medical shortages as death...
worldusaSpain sees medical shortages as death toll mounts
Doctors and nurses in Spain face ongoing shortages at an intensive care unit near Barcelona, as the country faces a growing death toll that has now exceeded 10,000. (April 2)


Nurse isolates to protect family from...
worldusaNurse isolates to protect family from coronavirus
An intensive care nurse caring for coronavirus patients in Minnesota has moved into a camper so she doesnt infect her family but now she is sick. (April 2)




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