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These Ancient Peoples Smoked the...
technologyThese Ancient Peoples Smoked the Chronic at Funerals
A finding in western China suggests humans were seeking out high-octane weed for rituals 2,500 years ago.


Project Nimbus: Complete Edition –...
gamingProject Nimbus: Complete Edition – Nintendo Switch Review TBG
Project Nimbus looks to provide a high octane, sci-fi explosion fest for the wannabe robot jox among us.


Blood & Truth PSVR Review | Gameplanet
gamingBlood & Truth PSVR Review | Gameplanet
What started with the London Heist, leads to one of the best experiences on the PSVR to date. Blood & Truth absolutely nails VR with a high-octane ride through a cinematic story filled with action packed moments and some of the best gunplay we've seen on


BulletRage is Now Live on Kickstarter
gamingBulletRage is Now Live on Kickstarter
Developers Chimera One Games has announced that the Kickstarter for the upcoming arcade-style twin stick shooter BulletRage is now live. Blending elements of classic arcade twin-stick shooters, fast-paced bullet hells and the high octane action from title



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