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Outlander season 5: Claire Fraser...
entertainmentOutlander season 5: Claire Fraser star teases which country the Frasers may go next
OUTLANDER viewers have seen the Frasers journey from the highlands of Scotland to the forests of America - but where will they eventually end up? Caitriona Balfe spills all.


Outlander: What happened between...
entertainmentOutlander: What happened between Frank and Brianna?
OUTLANDER season 5 is going to be returning next year with Brianna Fraser still struggling to adjust to the past and becoming a new mother. However, the new series could also explore what happened between Frank Randall and his adoptive daughter.


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Outlander season 5: Who are Josiah...
entertainmentOutlander season 5: Who are Josiah and Keziah Beardsley? Shock casting confirmed
OUTLANDER fans are set to see plenty of new additions in the next season of the Starz show, with the latest announcement to be the casting of four characters, including Josiah and Keziah Beardsley. Here’s who will be joining the cast for season five.


Outlander season 5: Claire Fraser’s...
entertainmentOutlander season 5: Claire Fraser’s death sealed after Frank Randall’s bitter betrayal?
OUTLANDER is set to return with its fifth season of the show and fans are expecting to witness a sad turn of events unfold for Claire Fraser after her death certificate was exposed in the last outing. But if Claire dies in season five, who will be


Outlander: What happened to Brian...
entertainmentOutlander: What happened to Brian Fraser? Tragic backstory explained
OUTLANDER has some big characters whose presence looms large even though they aren't part of the story directly. Among these figures is Brian Fraser - here's a look what happened to him.


Outlander: What happened to Dougal...
entertainmentOutlander: What happened to Dougal MacKenzie?
OUTLANDER has seen characters come and go over the seasons but what happened to Dougal MacKenzie and why did actor Graham McTavish leave the series?


Outlander season 5 spoilers: Frank...
entertainmentOutlander season 5 spoilers: Frank Randall figured out Brianna wasn't his - this is how
OUTLANDER viewers have been poring over many of the show’s details since its fourth season ended last year, and now fans believe they have spotted the exact moment Frank Randall found out he was not Brianna Fraser’s father.


Outlander season 5: Jamie Fraser star...
entertainmentOutlander season 5: Jamie Fraser star Sam Heughan speaks out on show ending ‘We’ll see’
OUTLANDER fans have enjoyed a mostly uninterrupted amount of the show over the past five years - however Jamie Fraser star Sam Heughan has now alluded to the show coming to an end.


Outlander season 5 spoilers:...
entertainmentOutlander season 5 spoilers: Caitriona Balfe reveals Claire Fraser 'isn't in show as much'
OUTLANDER returns in just a few months, and as viewers become more excited about the upcoming episodes, they have also begun wondering whether Claire and Jamie Fraser will be in the show as much - now Caitriona Balfe has revealed how much she is in


Outlander season 5: Will new series...
entertainmentOutlander season 5: Will new series feature Frank Randall flashbacks?
OUTLANDER SEASON 5 is still some way off but fans have been wondering if the new series will be featuring more Frank Randall flashbacks?




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