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Zoom Makes Common-Sense Security...
technologyZoom Makes Common-Sense Security Measures Default After Wave of Troll Attacks
Beginning Sunday, Zoom will begin requiring passwords and enabling virtual waiting rooms by default in an attempt to tamp down on the flood of troll attacks that’s accompanied its ballooning userbase in the wake of the covid-19 pandemic.


Windows 10 Security Update: Change...
technologyWindows 10 Security Update: Change Your Password To A PIN, Says Microsoft
Microsoft wants Windows 10 users to swap passwords for PINs, starting with the next version update


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Next Windows 10 Update To Recommend...
technologyNext Windows 10 Update To Recommend Users Change Passwords For PINs
Microsoft wants Windows 10 users to swap passwords for PINs, starting with the next version update


Zoom will enable waiting rooms by...
technologyZoom will enable waiting rooms by default to stop Zoombombing
Zoom is making some drastic changes to prevent rampant abuse as trolls attack publicly-shared video calls. Starting April 5th, it will require passwords to enter calls via Meeting ID, since these may be guessed or reused. Meanwhile, it will change


Houseparty: How to change your...
technologyHouseparty: How to change your username? How do you change your Houseparty password?
HOUSEPARTY has become one of the world's most popular apps in recent weeks. Some Houseparty users may wish to change their username or add a Bitmoji to the app - here is how.


Use Zoom? These 5 safety tips can...
technologyUse Zoom? These 5 safety tips can keep the 'Zoombombing' hackers away
Password protect, share meeting IDs instead of links, take control of screen share, find and use Waiting Room feature for Zoom, the No. 1 video app


Anonymous can steal Windows password...
cambodiapoliticsAnonymous can steal Windows password due to weaknesses in Zoomkh
Due to the urgent need of easy-to-use Video Conferencing software during the spread of Kov-19, Zoom has become a popular program for millions of people at this time. Just the last two or three weeks


Zoom User Warning: This Is How...
technologyZoom User Warning: This Is How Attackers Could Steal Windows Passwords
As more people work from home during the COVID-19 crisis, an issue with popular video conferencing app Zoom's Windows client could allow an attacker to steal passwords...


Criminal Hackers Use Official-Looking...
technologyCriminal Hackers Use Official-Looking Coronavirus Forms to Spread Malware, Steal Passwords
Security experts are tracking a range of new threats incidentally linked to the coronavirus that’s killed no fewer than 44,216 people worldwide. Where most see despair, some cyber criminals see opportunity.




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