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Philippine foreign officials allow...
cambodiapoliticsPhilippine foreign officials allow their migrant workers to return to work in Hong Kong and Macaukh
Foreign workers say Philippine migrant workers are now exempt from travel restrictions


The Paralympic Games in the...
worldThe Paralympic Games in the Philippines have been delayed due to Corona issueskh
A statement issued by the National Paralympic Board of Singapore (SNPC) said on Monday. Friday, February 14th that the ASEAN Paralympic Games in the Philippines have been postponed indefinitely


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The Paralympic Games in the...
sportsThe Paralympic Games in the Philippines have been delayed due to Corona issueskh
The Philippines' National Paralympic Council (SNPC) said in a statement. Friday, February 14th that the ASEAN Paralympic Games in the Philippines have been postponed


Fieldwork on remote islands for...
sciencebiologyFieldwork on remote islands for evolutionary study finds rare bats in decline
A study led by Susan Tsang, a former Fulbright Research Fellow from the City College of New York, reveals dwindling populations and widespread hunting throughout Indonesia and the Philippines of the world's largest bats known as flying foxes.


Philippine Move to Scrap US Military...
worldasiachinaPhilippine Move to Scrap US Military Deal Boosts China’s Clout in Asia
The Philippine president’s proposed cancellation of a 32-year-old military pact with the United States gives regional power China chances to strengthen its influence in Asia as U.S. military units would visit less often. Chinese naval ships,


COVID-19: The death toll rose to...
worldCOVID-19: The death toll rose to 1666, besides China, France, Japan and the Philippines, respectivelykh
Death toll from new coronavirus (COVID-19) death toll rises to 1666 as of 7 pm 55 February Sunday, February 16, France is the first country outside of Asia to have Japanese and Japanese deaths


Philippine President believes Trump...
entertainmentPhilippine President believes Trump will be re-elected in the next termkh
Philippine President Donald Trump on Wednesday announced that President Donald Trump will once again receive a vote of support from US citizens in the next term. Seen on the back


Trump’s relationship with Philippines...
worldTrump’s relationship with Philippines faces HUGE tensions after military pact ripped up
DONALD TRUMP's relationship with the Philippines is under intense pressure after Manila leader Rodrigo Duterte ripped up a military pact between the two countries which dates back nearly a quarter of a century.


Trump did not care after the...
worldTrump did not care after the Philippines announced the end of a military agreement with the United Stateskh
US President Donald Trump on February 12 said he was unconcerned about the Philippines' decision to end the military pact with the United States For Mr. Trump, the decision of Presidential Decree Govt


Svay Rieng lost in the Philippines...
sportsSvay Rieng lost in the Philippines but six teams won the Hun Sen Cupkh
Phnom Penh: Cambodia league champions Preah Khan Reach Svay Rieng can't fight with heavyweights at Philippine league Ceres-Negros FC They lost 4-0 in Group G of the AFC Cup 202




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