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What a pity! Playing a violin while...
cambodiapoliticsWhat a pity! Playing a violin while undergoing brain surgerykh
A patient at King's College Hospital in London plays the violin while his brain surgeon cuts the tumor out, 53-year-old Dagmar Turner plays the violin because this may leave the surgeon. Ensure that part


Pity, he not only hit more than 100...
cambodiaaccidentPity, he not only hit more than 100 meterskh
Grandfather, aged 70 to 80 years old, was hit by a car Camaro Brits crashed in a parallel direction and dragged the victim more than 100 meters, causing instant death at the scene.


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Latest news Pity because he loves to...
cambodiapoliticsLatest news Pity because he loves to drive his wife from Kampong Siem to Prey Veng and from Prey Veng to Phnom Penh.kh
Love and affection for each other are not accidental, are all of the same nature and things that have been built together from the past if we speak in faith, but only if we meet someone we love and Love, and that should take care of it well, not lost time


Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp sends Man...
sportssoccerLiverpool boss Jurgen Klopp sends Man City message of pity after Champions League ban
Jurgen Klopp another three points clear of Manchester City in the title race, but the Liverpool boss can't help but feel for Pep Guardiola following the club's ban from the Champions League.


Thailand allows two large vessels to...
worldThailand allows two large vessels to transport more than 4,000 people to dock in Phuket portkh
A total of 4,000 passengers and crew members on two large vessels were allowed to dock at Phuket port in the southern part of the country Thursday. This was after health officials claimed no humans


Latest News Pity helps buy one less...
cambodiapoliticsLatest News Pity helps buy one less because there is no seller and no market helps one less he is able to borrow money, lend money to the land, rent the workers and labor finally no buyerkh
Wednesday, February 13, 2020 A man with a farmer friend in Siem Reap expressed his sympathy because his friend's rice crop had grown but had no market. Go out (cheap) in


Pity! Woman with no relatives dies of...
cambodiasocialPity! Woman with no relatives dies of diabeteskh
It's a pity to see the body of a 34-year-old woman lying dead near a pulpit Bassac river in Chbar Ampov II commune, Chbar Ampov district


Pity! Good morning, good morning,...
entertainmentPity! Good morning, good morning, after five yearskh
Veteran singer popular and popular with audience For many years, he lost his ability to sing in the arts after falling apart


Pity !!! Foreigners who fainted at...
cambodiapoliticsPity !!! Foreigners who fainted at Phnom Penh International Airport this morning were dropped offkh
Foreigners who fainted at the airport this morning were removed from their aircraft after regaining consciousness.




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