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Two killed in protests over...
worldasiaindiaTwo killed in protests over controversial Indian citizenship bill
Hundreds of people have joined a hunger strike in northeast India, where the government has deployed troops and shut down the internet in the wake of a controversial citizenship bill opponents worry will marginalize non-Hindu voices in one of


Japanese PM postpones visit to India...
worldJapanese PM postpones visit to India as protests eruptkh
(VOVworld) - The visit of Japanese Prime Minister Abe Shinzo to India to attend a summit with his counterpart Narendra Modi has been delayed, the Foreign Ministry said here on Friday. Ads by White


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After arrests of protesting doctors,...
healthAfter arrests of protesting doctors, border agency digs in on refusal to vaccinate migrants
A group of doctors was arrested in San Diego at CBP headquarters during a protest over the agency's refusal to give flu shots to migrants. The CBP says it's not equipped to give the shots. Other doctors not involved in the protest say the agency is.


India cut off the internet when two...
worldIndia cut off the internet when two people were shot during protestskh
The internet has been cut off in the northeastern Indian city of Guwahati following violent protests over the law, authorities said Friday. On a new nationality, two demonstrators were shot dead by Peng


France strikes: Paris chaos as Macron...
worldFrance strikes: Paris chaos as Macron pension fury erupts - shocking protest pictures
FRANCE has erupted into furious protests again after Emmanuel Macron refused to back down over his proposed pension reforms yesterday.


Iran Says It Was Hit With ‘Very Big’...
worldiranIran Says It Was Hit With ‘Very Big’ Cyberattack
The assertion came after details on 15 million Iranian bank accounts were published on social media. The breach followed nationwide protests crushed by the government.


Police shoot Indian protesters who...
worldPolice shoot Indian protesters who are against citizenship lawkh
Police in northeast India on Thursday shot down crowds protesting the drafting of a new nationality law. One killed two people and injured several local police, along with soldiers


Protests hit southern Iraq while the...
worldProtests hit southern Iraq while the protests remain strongkh
Baghdad: Iraqi people in southern cities have watched More protests and violence erupt as anti-government protests and Iranian support groups Body


Indian military deployed and internet...
worldasiaindiaIndian military deployed and internet shut down as protests rage against citizenship bill
Troops have been deployed to India's ethnically diverse northeastern states of Assam and Tripura, amid violent protests against the passing of a controversial and far-reaching law that offers a path to Indian citizenship for non-Mulism minorities.


Protests Grow in India Over...
worldindiaProtests Grow in India Over Religion-Based Citizenship Bill
Demonstrators defied troops and a curfew after the bill, which would make it easier for some non-Muslim migrants to become citizens, was approved in Parliament.




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