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Borderlands 3’s New Hotfix: Proving...
gamingborderlands 3Borderlands 3’s New Hotfix: Proving Grounds Buffs And FL4K Radiation Anointments
Borderlands 3 has a new hotfix out with some developments fans should appreciate.


Siem Reap Provincial Hospital Sets...
cambodiapoliticsSiem Reap Provincial Hospital Sets MoU with Radiation Thailand Thailandkh
(Siem Reap) Siem Reap Referral Hospital has signed a cooperation agreement with Rajavithi Hospital of Thailand and opened a conference on "Endoscopic Laparoscopic Surgery" for Asean people.


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Record-Breaking Terahertz Laser Beam...
sciencephysicsRecord-Breaking Terahertz Laser Beam Turns Air Into Glowing Plasma
A new, extremely efficient source of terahertz radiation has been developed at TU Wien (Vienna): Lasers turn air into plasma, thereby producing terahertz rays for many possible applications. Terahertz radiation is used for security checks at


Astronomers use 'cosmic echolocation'...
sciencespaceAstronomers use 'cosmic echolocation' to map black hole surroundings
Material falling into a black hole casts X-rays out into space—and now astronomers have used the echoes of this radiation to map the dynamic behavior and surroundings of a black hole itself.


Can this new model predict which...
sciencespaceCan this new model predict which alien worlds could support life?
It's a tough job to figure out which planets are potentially habitable, because we can only see so much detail in our telescopes.Details of an exoplanet's atmosphere and climate, for example, are mostly out of reach. A new study, however, uses


Black Hole Dynamic Behavior and...
sciencespaceBlack Hole Dynamic Behavior and Surroundings Mapped by XMM-Newton for the First Time
Material falling into a black hole casts X-rays out into space – and now, for the first time, ESA’s XMM-Newton X-ray observatory has used the reverberating echoes of this radiation to map the dynamic behavior and surroundings of a black hole itself.


Record-breaking terahertz laser beam
sciencephysicsRecord-breaking terahertz laser beam
Terahertz radiation is used for security checks at airports, for medical examinations and also for quality checks in industry. However, radiation in the terahertz range is extremely difficult to generate. Scientists at TU Wien have now succeeded in


Scientists Observe Ultrafast Birth of...
sciencechemistryScientists Observe Ultrafast Birth of Radicals – Glimpsing Some of the Fastest Chemical Reactions Ever Observed
An international team led by Argonne has visualized the elusive, ultrafast proton transfer process following the ionization of water. Understanding how ionizing radiation interacts with water — like in water-cooled nuclear reactors and other


New Ultrathin Coating Uses Trickery...
scienceNew Ultrathin Coating Uses Trickery to Hide Temperature Changes From Infrared Cameras
An ultrathin coating developed by University of Wisconsin–Madison engineers upends a ubiquitous physics phenomenon of materials related to thermal radiation: The hotter an object gets, the brighter it glows. The new coating — engineered from


Nano Antennas for Data Transfer –...
sciencephysicsNano Antennas for Data Transfer – Could Allow Processor Cores to Exchange Data at Speed of Light
For the first time, physicists from the University of Würzburg have successfully converted electrical signals into photons and radiated them in specific directions using a low-footprint optical antenna that is only 800 nanometers in size.




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