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The last radio station
technologyThe last radio station
North of Silicon Valley, protected by the Point Reyes National Seashore, is the only operational ship-to-shore maritime radio station. Bearing the call sign KPH, the Point Reyes Station is the last of its kind. KPH is divided between two physical


Evolving Energy of a Solar Flare’s...
sciencespaceEvolving Energy of a Solar Flare’s Explosive First Minutes Captured With New Radio Telescope
Toward the end of 2017, a massive new region of magnetic field erupted on the Sun’s surface next to an existing sunspot. The powerful collision of magnetic energy produced a series of potent solar flares, causing turbulent space weather conditions


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Claudia Winkleman: ‘It doesn’t work’...
entertainmentClaudia Winkleman: ‘It doesn’t work’ Strictly host talks 'breaking habits' with husband
CLAUDIA WINKLEMAN - a host on Strictly Come Dancing - has spoken candidly about “breaking habits” as the BBC Radio One host recently chatted about her family life.


Actor Lee Yi Kyung reveals a touching...
entertainmentkoreanActor Lee Yi Kyung reveals a touching story about BTS's Jin on 'Radio Star'
Actor Lee Yi Kyung revealed a touching story about BTS's Jin on the January 15 episode of 'Radio Star'. On this episode, Lee Yi Kyung stat…


SF9's Inseong & Hwiyoung name the...
entertainmentkoreanSF9's Inseong & Hwiyoung name the acting roles they want to try out
On January 15, SF9 members Inseong, Rowoon, Chani, and Hwiyoung appeared as guests on MBC FM4U radio program, 'Kim Shin Young's Noon Song o…


Zoe Ball runs into trouble thanks to...
entertainmentZoe Ball runs into trouble thanks to Storm Brendan hours after sad family farewell
ZOE BALL - the BBC Radio 2 Breakfast host - urged her fans to “be careful” on Twitter after encountering the effects of Storm Brendan, which came just hours after she said a sweet family farewell yesterday.


Park Kyung congratulations Zico on...
entertainmentkoreanPark Kyung congratulations Zico on 1st place 'acknowledged by many people' during his radio broadcast
Back on January 13, Block B's Park Kyung talked about his fellow groupmate Zico releasing a new single and topping various music charts. …


Why string theory persists — despite...
sciencespaceWhy string theory persists — despite the knotty physics
Paul M. Sutter is an astrophysicist at SUNY Stony Brook and the Flatiron Institute, host of Ask a Spaceman and Space Radio, and author of Your Place in the Universe.String theory is a hypothetical idea that purports to be a theory of everything,


Rapper Changmo reveals he's a big fan...
entertainmentkoreanRapper Changmo reveals he's a big fan of Red Velvet on 'Noon Song of Hope'
On January 14, chart-topping rapper Changmo appeared as a guest on MBC FM4U radio program, 'Kim Shin Young's Noon Song of Hope'.During the broadca…


Amanda Holden reveals a little too...
entertainmentAmanda Holden reveals a little too much as she showcases bra-baring look on Instagram
AMANDA HOLDEN - who presents the Heart FM Breakfast show every weekday - took to Instagram this morning to show off her work outfit and sent fans into a spin with her bra-baring look.




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