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Crack down on two Chinese kidnappings...
cambodiapoliticsCrack down on two Chinese kidnappings in Sihanoukville, arrest 20 suspects and release 27 victimskh
(Preah Sihanouk) Police forces in Preah Sihanouk province, under direct command of Lieutenant General Chuon Narin, provincial police chief, have launched a crackdown on the illegal and intentional detention of illegal and violent people between Chinese...


The suspect, who stole more than $...
cambodiapoliticsThe suspect, who stole more than $ 70,000 from Nhek Bun Chhay, has been releasedkh
(Phnom Penh): A prosecutor representing the Phnom Penh Municipal Court on the morning of November 21, 2019 decided to release the suspect in connection with the alleged fraud by Nhek Bun Chhay, president of the Khmer Union National Union (CPP). Revoke...


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Crack down on two Chinese kidnappings...
cambodiapoliticsCrack down on two Chinese kidnappings in Sihanoukville, arrest 20 suspects and release 27 victimskh
(ព្រះសីហនុ)៖ កម្លាំងនគរបាលខេត្តព្រះសីហនុ ក្រោមការបញ្ជាផ្ទាល់ពីលោកឧត្តមសេនីយ៍ទោ ជួន ណារិន្ទ ស្នងការនគរបាលខេត្ត បានបើកប្រតិបត្តិការបង្ក្រាប ករណីចាប់ឃុំឃាំង និងបង្ខាំងមនុស្សខុសច្បាប់ និងហិង្សាដោយចេតនាមានស្ថានទម្ងន់ទោស រវាងជនជាតិចិន និងជនជាតិចិន ចំនួន២ករ


BTS's Boy With Luv becomes the 2nd...
entertainmentkoreanBTS's Boy With Luv becomes the 2nd most liked video of 2019.
BTS has been breaking record after record in 2019 and here is a new one. BTS's Boy With Luv, which was released on April 12th, has reached 13 million …


Eat Some Cheese with The Cornered...
gaminganimeEat Some Cheese with The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese Josei LGBT Manga
Next week will finally see the release of Seven Seas' much awaited publication of The Cornered Mouse Dreams of Cheese, an LGBT josei manga by Setona Mizushiro, the Eisner-nominated creator of Black Rose Alice and After School Nightmare. A fine


Happy-Go-Lucky Days Releases Trailer
gaminganimeHappy-Go-Lucky Days Releases Trailer
Happy-Go-Lucky Days (Dounika Naru Hibi) is an omnibus manga featuring stories with different patterns of love by Takako Shimura (Hourou Musuko, Aoi Hana). An animated movie based on the manga is to be released in Japanese cinemas in early Summer


New Pet Trailer Reveals Broadcasting...
gaminganimeNew Pet Trailer Reveals Broadcasting Start and Opening Theme
Pet is a human drama with a sci-fi twist and will start airing on 6 January 2020! The opening theme titled 'Chou no Tobu Suisou' will be provided by TK from Rin Toshite Shigure. A new trailer was released where the song is being introduced and the


Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust...
sportsTottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust express ‘obvious concerns’ over Jose Mourinho
Tottenham Hotspur Supporters’ Trust have released a statement on the club’s change of manager, and have expressed their concerns regarding the relationship going forward.


Busters's label apologizes for...
entertainmentkoreanBusters's label apologizes for causing misunderstanding with Minji's parents
On November 20, JTG Entertainment released a statement of apology for causing misunderstandings surrounding former leader Minji's deaparture from th…


Fire Bags, Bags and Firearms...
cambodiasocialFire Bags, Bags and Firearms Factories Set Off Fire, More People, and Fire Trucks Released (Video)kh
Fire, bag and air bag factory in Anlong Kong Thmey village, Sangkat Prey Sar, Khan Dangkor, was set on fire again at 3 pm on 21 November 2019.




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