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Elon Musk shock: SpaceX founder...
sciencespacexelon muskElon Musk shock: SpaceX founder delivers stunning update on Mars rocket ahead of launch
ELON MUSK is set to reveal a stunning presentation of Starship, the fully reusable space vehicle that will sit on top of SpaceX’s BFR, the shortened name for the Mars mission capable Big Falcon Rocket.


Brawlhalla - New Legend: Vector...
gamingtrailerBrawlhalla - New Legend: Vector Official Launch Trailer
The 47th Legend, cybermarine Arcturius Vector, arrives from the future to Brawhalla. Vector has rocket lance signatures as well as bow signatures.


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Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa-2 is...
worldJapanese spacecraft Hayabusa-2 is preparing to drop a rocket on a Ryugu asteroidkh
Japan's Hayabusa-2 has just completed rehearsal for its latest task before returning to the planet's Ryugu asteroid, a news release from the site said. Space on Friday, September 20, 2019


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries resets...
technologyMitsubishi Heavy Industries resets ISS mission H-IIB rocket launch for September 24
After a setback last week due to a fire on the launch pad, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries (MHI) is ready to take another shot at its HTV-8 mission to deliver supplies and other payloads to the International Space Station. The launch was originally


SpaceX latest: Starship takes shape...
sciencespacexelon muskSpaceX latest: Starship takes shape in these Elon Musk progress pictures
SPACEX’S Starship prototype is rapidly taking shape in these progress pictures tweeted by SpaceX founder Elon Musk.


Rocket Lab moves closer to opening...
technologyRocket Lab moves closer to opening U.S. launch facility with landing pad completion
Rocket Lab is nearing completion of its second launch facility – its first in the U.S., located on Wallops Island in Virginia. The company announced that it has finished installing the launchpad at Launch Complex 2, which is set to finish


India has once again successfully...
worldIndia has once again successfully launched a test rocket from the Su-30MKIkh
New Delhi (AFP) - India has again achieved the test-firing of its missiles, the Sputnik newspaper reported on Wednesday, September 18, 2019. In the country itself from the jet


US-Iran tension rockets as Donald...
worldirandonald trumpUS-Iran tension rockets as Donald Trump gears up to 'push back' after Saudi strike
PRESIDENT Donald Trump could choose to "push back" against Iranian aggression over the coming weeks in response to an attack on a Saudi oil facility the US has blamed on Tehran.


Modified Tesla Model S reportedly...
technologycarsteslaModified Tesla Model S reportedly outguns Porsche Taycan at Nurburgring
The lap time isn't official, but it appears Tesla's stripped-down Model S is a rocket.


Space is the next economic frontier…...
technologySpace is the next economic frontier… hear more about it at Disrupt SF
For decades space has been the playplace for world powers, but the advent of (relatively) cheap and frequent rocket launches has opened it up for new business opportunities. But it's still hard as hell, as early adopters of this orbital economy Tess




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