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The Russian Empire: If another...
worldThe Russian Empire: If another Russian leader took office for a lifetime, the US would risk losing the world powerkh
Analysts have said that in the future Russia and China have organized security and world order, and that the US is deeply concerned about losing power, what the US worries more about. Ruling for life


75 Years After Liberation of...
worldeurope75 Years After Liberation of Auschwitz, Anti-Semitism Lingers
For some 7,000 starved and sick prisoners in the world’s most notorious mass-murder site, January 27, 1945 was a life-changing day. It was the day Russian soldiers liberated the remaining prisoners of Auschwitz, left behind when ca. 56,000 healthier


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In Recording, Trump Asks How Long...
worldusaIn Recording, Trump Asks How Long Ukraine Can Resist Russians
President Donald Trump inquired how long Ukraine would be able to resist Russian aggression without U.S. assistance during a 2018 meeting with donors that included the indicted associates of his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani. “How long would they


New Reports Highlight Russia's...
worldeuroperussiacorruptionNew Reports Highlight Russia's Deep-Seated Culture of Corruption
New reports from Transparency International and the Russian Academy of Sciences on education highlight a pervasive culture of corruption in Russia that persists despite efforts by the government and opposition activists. The country scored 137th out


Daniil Medvedev slammed and told to...
sportsDaniil Medvedev slammed and told to copy Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal at Australian Open
Diego Schwartzman has blasted Daniil Medvedev and urged the Russian to copy Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.


Russia: Phone Software Must Support...
technologymobilerussiaRussia: Phone Software Must Support Russian Values
Government officials in Russia have drafted guidelines that state that smartphones, computers and smart TVs sold in the country must have software installed that supports "traditional Russian spiritual and moral values."


World War 3: Russian troops storm...
worldWorld War 3: Russian troops storm 'enemy hideout' in terrifying raid - VIDEO
WORLD WAR 3 alerts were sparked yet again as footage emerged of the Russian military storming an enemy hideout, prompting online users to claim that the Russian army "could hold off NATO" on its own.


Jameson announces limited-edition...
worldusaJameson announces limited-edition Jameson Cold Brew
We already knew coffee and liquor are a popular combination. There's the classic White Russian cocktail, the sweet Irish coffee typically made with Bailey's, and the will-do-in-a-pinch whiskey-spiked coffee.


How Russia May Have Used Twitter to...
sciencerussiaHow Russia May Have Used Twitter to Help Seize Crimea
New research shows real-time social media data may have been a source of military intelligence for the Kremlin and potentially other governments. Online discourse by users of social media can provide important clues about the political dispositions


Media Freedom Groups Express Unease...
worldeuropeMedia Freedom Groups Express Unease About Ukrainian Disinformation Bill
Media freedom watchdogs and journalists’ associations are expressing concern about a bill aimed at combating Russian disinformation. Critics say the draft law put forward by the Culture, Youth and Sports Ministry on January 20 paves the way for




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