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Chim ... drinking booze suddenly...
cambodiaChim ... drinking booze suddenly started arguing chewing giggles filled botanist ritivist and wai with securitykh
A shocking violent incident happened at 10 pm on July 22, 2019 in a boring canteist shop. Entry into the old dumping pit in Stung Meanchey 2 commune, Khan Mean Chey.


Phnom Penh authorities jointly patrol...
cambodiaPhnom Penh authorities jointly patrol night to protect security and public orderkh
Preah Sihanouk Province: Major General Kol Phal, Deputy Commissioner for Criminal Procedures, said that following the implementation of the plan of the Preah Sihanouk Provincial Administrative Unit No 07, dated July 15, 2019 on Strengthening Security,...


Poor character! Four culprits go to...
Poor character! Four culprits go to drinking in a drunk shop, drunk, beat each other and beat a security guardkh
Phnom Penh: A group of four unidentified men drink into a coworker, a ritualist. When drunk, they cheat and excite violence, guests are full when security forces seize security. The incident occurred at 10 pm on the 22nd


Facebook admits to Messenger Kids...
technologymobileFacebook admits to Messenger Kids security flaw but insists it’s fixed
Facebook has confirmed that it missed a design flaw in its Messenger Kids app that meant children could have communicated with users who hadn’t been parent-approved. The error involved group chats, though Facebook says it has now fixed the issue and


Representatives from the United...
cambodiaRepresentatives from the United Nations Department of Agriculture to Cambodia discuss Agriculture and Food Security 23, Jul 2019, 3:06 pmkh
Gilbert F. Houngbo, president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), is present in Laos. At the end of his visit to Laos, he will continue to visit Cambodia from 25 to 27


The British prime minister will meet...
worldThe British prime minister will meet with ministers and security officials for talks on how to deal with issues seized by Iran Ship of oilkh
On Monday, British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet with ministers and security officials for urgent talks on how to deal with the crisis. The problem that Iran seized was a flag carrier


$700 Million Equifax Fine Is Still...
technology$700 Million Equifax Fine Is Still Too Little, Too Late
For not keeping Social Security and card numbers safe, Equifax will pay—but not enough, experts say.


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