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Spider-Man Possibly Leaving MCU: "It...
gamingSpider-Man Possibly Leaving MCU: "It Was Never Meant To Last Forever," Boss Says
Kevin Feige strongly suggests Spider-Man is officially exiting the Marvel Cinematic Universe after Marvel and Sony can't agree on terms.


Sony and Yamaha are working on...
technologysonySony and Yamaha are working on self-driving vehicles for theme parkskh
This work is an expansion of the concept designed for entertainment purposes: theme park, golf course and commercial space, the new SC-1 Sociable Cart will have a capacity of five people instead of three and More comfortable than the previous series. Ch


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Sony and Yamaha are making a...
technologysonySony and Yamaha are making a self-driving cart for theme parks
The SC-1 Sociable Cart is smarter, more comfortable and longer-lasting than its ancestors.


Tom Holland and Kevin Feige Open Up...
technologyspider mansonyTom Holland and Kevin Feige Open Up About the Disney-Sony Spider-Man Feud
The Spider world is a mess right now, at least so far as the live-action iteration is concerned.


D23 Cosplay Photos: Fans Dress as...
gamingmarvelspider mansonyD23 Cosplay Photos: Fans Dress as Spider-Man to Protest Marvel/Sony Split
Many fans cosplayed as Spider-Man at D23 after Marvel and Sony's public split this week. Check out the best cosplay photos from D23 2019.


In this episode of Pregame Discharge:...
gamingsonyspider manIn this episode of Pregame Discharge: Sony is taking full custody of Spidey!
While Lyle sorts out his own insecurities, here's what's been happening in video games this past week: Sony now owns Insomniac! Everspace 2 was announced at Gamescom! Korn is having a virtual concert in Adventure Quest World and Adventu...


Amidst Spider-Man And Sony Dispute,...
gamingspider mansonyAmidst Spider-Man And Sony Dispute, Tom Holland Appears At D23 For Pixar's Onward
New footage was shown for the upcoming 2020 Pixar film starring Tom Holland and Chris Pratt.


Tom Holland Appears At D23 For...
gamingspider mansonyTom Holland Appears At D23 For Pixar's Onward Amidst Spider-Man And Sony Dispute
New footage was shown for the upcoming 2020 Pixar film starring Tom Holland and Chris Pratt.


Jon Favreau 'Cautiously Optimistic'...
gamingJon Favreau 'Cautiously Optimistic' Spider-Man Will Return to MCU After Disney/Sony Split - D23
Jon Favreau offers a bit of hope that Spider-Man might remain in the MCU after all.


Spider-Man 3 Script Reportedly In the...
gamingspider mansonymarvelSpider-Man 3 Script Reportedly In the Works In Wake of Sony/Marvel Split
Sony is reportedly continuing work on the next Spider-Man sequel, but director Jon Watts may not be back.




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