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Buddha! A family in Spain has 11...
cambodiapoliticsBuddha! A family in Spain has 11 children infected with the virus, Kov-19kh
A large family of 13 members tested positive for the Kovi-19 virus, all of which had earlier tested positive for the mother virus.


Spain's coronavirus death toll shows...
worldeuropeSpain's coronavirus death toll shows signs of flattening
A further 809 people have now died from coronavirus in Spain, bringing the total to 11,744 deaths, according to Spanish Health Ministry figures released Saturday.


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China’s Coronavirus Foreign Aid...
worldasiaChina’s Coronavirus Foreign Aid Expands Influence, Shifts Blame
As Spain and Italy began reeling from rapidly rising coronavirus infections and outbreaks grew in other countries last month, China stepped in with testing kits, protective gear and other medical aid critical for fighting the disease. Several


Spain outclasses Italy in case of HIV...
worldSpain outclasses Italy in case of HIV infection 19, but mortality rate declineskh
Spain overtook Italy for the first time on Friday, April 3 in a total of 19 confirmed cases of the virus, but the death toll has dropped from the previous day as the total number of cases reached 117,710. Second, the number of people infected after the...


More than 100 doctors and nurses have...
healthMore than 100 doctors and nurses have died combating coronavirus across the world
Over half of the doctors and nurses who died after testing positive have been in Italy, where more than 9,000 health workers have been infected so far, nearly the same amount as in Spain.


Spain has the world's second-highest...
worldSpain has the world's second-highest number of coronavirus infections, with 19 deathskh
Spain announced Friday that 932 people have died from the virus in 1932. (In 24 hours) The whole country… Continue reading "Spain's 19th death of Ivorian patient


BREAKING: Death toll in COVID-19 in...
worldBREAKING: Death toll in COVID-19 in Spain reaches 10,935, Spain claims first death tollkh
The death toll from COVID-19 in Spain has risen to 10,935, but the European health ministry has confirmed that the daily death rate has dropped for the first time since. March 26, according to a press release from the agency


Why is Germany's coronavirus death...
healthWhy is Germany's coronavirus death rate so low? A strong healthcare system, mass testing and luck
Germany's death rate is surprisingly low compared to other major European nations, such as Italy and Spain.


Coronavirus: Europe's care homes...
healthCoronavirus: Europe's care homes struggle as deaths rise
France reveals 884 deaths linked to coronavirus and more cases emerge in Spain and Italy.


Spain horror: Coronavirus death toll...
worldSpain horror: Coronavirus death toll SOARS to 10,935 - terrifying update as crisis spirals
SPAIN has recorded a further 932 new deaths from coronavirus to send the death toll soaring close to 11,000 in the latest horrifying update from the crisis-hit country as the COVID-19 outbreak spirals out of control.




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