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Fisheries: About 70% of all fish...
cambodiapoliticsFisheries: About 70% of all fish species in Stung Treng's waters have dropped their eggskh
(Steung Treng): In the last three and a half months of the fall of the fishing season, no fewer than 70% of all species of fish have been spawned in natural waters in the campaign for fish protection in the off season Fisheries Administration Cantonment


Invasive Pests Are Devastating...
technologyInvasive Pests Are Devastating American Forests at an Alarming Rate
New findings show that invasive species are wiping out trees across the U.S., devastating forests and their ability to store carbon. That’s particularly bad news in light of the worsening climate crisis.


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3 Animals Hurt By the New Endangered...
technology3 Animals Hurt By the New Endangered Species Act
These three creatures illustrate the harm that could come from the loss of protections, which the Trump administration announced Monday.


US Embassy: Keo Seima Wildlife...
cambodiapoliticsUS Embassy: Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary is home to many of the finest specieskh
The United States Embassy in Cambodia this morning said that the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in Mondulkiri is home to a large number of good-bodied black bats. The embassy also said that you know the Keo Seima Wildlife Sanctuary in the province of...


States, Conservationists to Sue to...
worldusaStates, Conservationists to Sue to Stop Changes to Endangered Species Act
At least 10 state attorneys general say they will join conservation groups in suing the Trump administration from making drastic changes to the U.S. Endangered Species Act. U.S.


A Coalition of 22 States Are Suing...
technologyA Coalition of 22 States Are Suing the Trump Administration Over its Weak Coal Rule
New York attorney general Letitia James has had a busy start to the week. On Monday, she announced plans to sue the Trump administration over its gutting of the Endangered Species Act. And on Tuesday, she along with 21 other state attorneys general


Environmentalists warn Trump...
worldusaEnvironmentalists warn Trump 'weakening' endangered species protections
A new rule will allow officials for the first time to weigh the economic cost of species protection.


Trump Administration Guts Endangered...
technologyTrump Administration Guts Endangered Species Act
At a time when species face an unprecedented threat from human activities, the Trump administration is rolling back key protections for those most at risk of extinction.


Big loss of wildlife in Cambodia!...
cambodiasocialBig loss of wildlife in Cambodia! Conservationists find a gorilla, a rare species weighing around 500 kg, dead in Oddar Meanchey province's forestskh
Big loss of wildlife in Cambodia! Conservation groups have found a gorilla, a rare species weighing around 500 kilograms, in the wild of Oddar Meanchey province: on August 10, 2019, according to Facebook's Ministry of Environment.




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