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What the T-Mobile and Sprint Merger...
technologyWhat the T-Mobile and Sprint Merger Means for You
If you’re a subscriber, you may have a lot of questions right now. We have answers.


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T-Mobile has merged with Sprint....
technologymobileT-Mobile has merged with Sprint. Here's what it means for your devices
First off, don't worry: Your Sprint phone will continue to work.


With the T-Mobile deal done, it's...
technologymobileWith the T-Mobile deal done, it's time we say so long to Sprint
Once known for calls so crystal clear you could hear a pin drop, the company fades into the history books after being absorbed by T-Mobile.


T-Mobile completes Sprint merger
technologyT-Mobile completes Sprint merger
Right on cue, T-Mobile has completed its merger with Sprint. As of today, the two carriers are one -- they'll do business simply as T-Mobile. They're also clearly confident in the transition, as CEO John Legere is stepping down early rather than


T-Mobile Swallows Sprint, Leaving 3...
technologyT-Mobile Swallows Sprint, Leaving 3 US Cellphone Giants
Consumer advocates fear that the deal will lead to reduced competition and higher prices. But regulators and a federal judge let it proceed.


T-Mobile officially completes merger...
technologyT-Mobile officially completes merger with Sprint, CEO John Legere steps down ahead of schedule
After months of regulatory maneuverings, T-Mobile and Sprint officially completed their $26 billion merger today. The new combined parent company is called T-Mobile and will now trade on the NASDAQ under the ticker symbol TMUS with Sprint no longer


T-Mobile and Sprint are now one, CEO...
technologyT-Mobile and Sprint are now one, CEO steps down early
After multiple hurdles, mobile carrier T-Mobile has completed the takeover of smaller rival Sprint, creating a new wireless giant.


T-Mobile and Sprint are finally...
technologymobileT-Mobile and Sprint are finally merging: What you need to know about the $26.5 billion deal
CNET offers the history and nitty-gritty details of how this deal came together and what it means for you.


Sport must not hurry to return amid...
sportssprintSport must not hurry to return amid coronavirus crisis, it is not a sprint - NEIL SQUIRES
Daily Express Chief Sports Writer Neil Squires has urged sports worldwide not to rush their return to action after the coronavirus pandemic.




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