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The High-Stakes Race to Breed...
technologyThe High-Stakes Race to Breed Cannabis With 0% THC
Farmers are scrambling to cash in on the CBD boom. But when their hemp crops tip over the .3% legal limit for THC, they lose everything.


Vaping-related lung injuries rise to...
healthVaping-related lung injuries rise to 1,888 cases nationwide, CDC says
As of Tuesday, there were 1,888 lung injury cases associated with e-cigarette products in 49 states, the District of Columbia and the US Virgin Islands, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC on Thursday also


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The CDC Is Still Warning People to...
healthThe CDC Is Still Warning People to Stop Vaping Completely Over Lung Illness Cases—But Why?
In a new report out Monday, health officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have acknowledged that the wave of lung illness cases and deaths linked to vaping has a main bad guy: Products that contain THC sold on the black


Deaths linked to vaping often...
healthDeaths linked to vaping often involved THC products, not nicotine, CDC says
People who died as a result of a mysterious outbreak of vaping-related lung injury often used products exclusively containing THC, the main psychoactive substance in cannabis, according to new numbers released Monday by the US Centers for Disease


With CBD, Entrepreneur Freddy Rashid...
lifeWith CBD, Entrepreneur Freddy Rashid See Hard Work and Dedication Pay Off
According to the United Nations, there exists in the world nearly 200 million cannabis users – that a lot of customers if you’re in the THC and CBD business. Over…


Obvious Ventures makes CBD sporty...
technologyObvious Ventures makes CBD sporty with beam, which sells cannabis products to the GNC set
Athletes looking to take a break from all their worries over prescription painkillers and anyone who’s hankering to try out the new cannabinoid-based treatments for their conditions (without worrying about potentially getting dosed with some THC)


Marijuana and Vaping: Shadowy Past,...
healthMarijuana and Vaping: Shadowy Past, Dangerous Present
A technology initially promoted to help cigarette smokers has transformed marijuana use, too. Now, with cases of severe lung illness rising, health investigators are warning people to stop vaping cannabis.


A Young Man Nearly Lost His Life to...
healthA Young Man Nearly Lost His Life to Vaping
He thought vaping THC would be safer than smoking marijuana, but the vaping fumes shut down his lungs.

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