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The US lifted sanctions on Turkey...
worldThe US lifted sanctions on Turkey following a ceasefire in the Kurdkh
"This morning, Turkey told my administration that they had stopped their fighting and offensive in Syria is working to make the ceasefire permanent and the ceasefire will be permanent.


Turkey Syria offensive: Trump orders...
worldusaTurkey Syria offensive: Trump orders Turkey sanctions to be lifted
He announces the end of sanctions but says Turkey must commit to containing the Islamic State group.


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Turkey v Syria's Kurds: The short,...
worldusaTurkey v Syria's Kurds: The short, medium and long story
A US pullout from north-east Syria has set Turkish and Kurdish fighters on collision course there.


Trump in furious attack on EU as he...
worldTrump in furious attack on EU as he lashes out at Europe’s role in fight against ISIS
DONALD TRUMP launched a scathing attack on EU countries today over their role in the fight against ISIS, claiming they have been unresponsive in repatriating their citizens who fought for the death cult.


Trump to Lift Turkey Sanctions
worldusaTrump to Lift Turkey Sanctions
President Donald Trump announced the U.S. will be lifting sanctions on Turkey, saying he has been informed by Ankara that its ceasefire in an offensive against Kurds in northeastern Syria will be permanent. "The sanctions will be lifted unless


Trump Hails 'Big Success' on...
worldusaTrump Hails 'Big Success' on Turkey-Syria Border
President Donald Trump says there is "big success" on the Turkey-Syria border following the withdrawal of Kurdish forces from northeast Syria and the end of a Turkish offensive against them. "Big success on the Turkey/Syria Border. Safe Zone


Brexit Party MEP attacks 'bankrupt...
worldBrexit Party MEP attacks 'bankrupt EU' over refusal to cut funding for 'atrocious' Turkey
BREXIT PARTY MEP Alexandra Phillips condemned the European Union over its refusal to cut funds to Turkish President Erdogan's rogue regime following Turkey's recent attacks on the Kurdish community in Syria.


Erdogan outrage: Turkey launch...
worldErdogan outrage: Turkey launch furious attack as it accuses US of breaking Syrian promises
TURKISH President Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the United States of failing to keep its promises, as he concluded a deal with Vladimir Putin.


Turkey allies REVEALED: Is Turkey...
worldrussiaTurkey allies REVEALED: Is Turkey allied with Russia against the USA?
TURKEY has incurred the wrath of the USA and its NATO allies for its assaults on the Kurdish fighters in northern Syria. But who is the country now allied with as it pauses in its bid to create the “safe zone” between Turkey and Syria?


Turkey and Russia agree to cooperate...
worldTurkey and Russia agree to cooperate in control of Syria's northern borderkh
After six hours of talks between Russian President Putin and Turkish President Erdogan, at the Shikil city, the two leaders agreed to halt the fighting and agree to co-operate in the border areas. Northern Syria

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