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Villagers fear fire safety in Svay Rieng
cambodiapoliticsVillagers fear fire safety in Svay Riengkh
Svay Rieng Province: Villagers in Anlong Neak commune, Svay Rieng town, are worried


I'm going to lose so much time to The...
gamingubisoftI'm going to lose so much time to The Settlers
Ubisoft is bringing back The Settlers in 2020, and this week at gamescom, the village-raising strategy title came into greater focus. It's wild to think that the long-running series is alive and well on Snowdrop, the same engine used for ga...


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Villagers handed over 17 firearms to...
cambodiapoliticsVillagers handed over 17 firearms to police, including a fishing machinekh
Siem Reap: Many Illegal Weapons Citizens Understand the Disseminating Village-Commune Safety Policy Security in the village, commune, commune


A Khmer Rouge research library and...
cambodiapoliticsA Khmer Rouge research library and library are to be set up at pedagogical institutions and pedagogical centers in all six villageskh
(Phnom Penh) - The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) has decided to allow DC-Cam to use the premises of the two training institutes and the two Regional Teacher Training Centers under the control of the Ministry of Education to establish...


Husband, wife, minor injured after...
cambodiapoliticsHusband, wife, minor injured after driving tuk-tuks truck driver in villagekh
A man was injured in both legs in an accident between a truck and a tractor trailer at 1:30 pm, August 19, 2019, along National Road 5 at the intersection of the bridge. Located in Chrey Bak Village


Recent Updates Dreamed of Treasure !!...
cambodiapoliticsRecent Updates Dreamed of Treasure !! The next day, digging and digging, the villagers…kh
The case of the ancient bronze statue is hundreds of years old, along with the Dragon's Arms in house # 160, Nong Muth commune, Kambor district, Srong district, Surya province, 39 years, and the chief.


Villagers encroach on state land in...
cambodiapoliticsVillagers encroach on state land in Stung Treng two damskh
Stung Treng: According to the report, a group of migrant villagers traversing a state forest with backing brokers Resume activity in the Lower Sesan 2 land area at night time


Report: Some children in floating...
cambodiapoliticsReport: Some children in floating villages in Battambang do not attend school due to livelihood problemskh
Kbal Torng Village is a floating village in Koh Kong commune, Ek Phnom district, Battambang province, where most people depend on fishing because many people living in the village are poor, so they do not send their children to school. No children


During the rainstorm, the villagers...
cambodiapoliticsDuring the rainstorm, the villagers were washing their hands and asking for rainkh
(Siem Reap): As often as there is drought or rain, the villagers wash their hands to hold a prayer ceremony for rainwater at the ancient temple compound of this year. August 13-14, with approximately 20 participants




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