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Facebook should ban campaign ads. End...
technologyFacebook should ban campaign ads. End the lies.
Permitting falsehood in political advertising would work if we had a model democracy, but we don’t. Not only are candidates dishonest, but voters aren’t educated, and the media isn’t objective. And now, hyperlinks turn lies into donations and


Trudeau’s Tough Fight Could Make...
worldTrudeau’s Tough Fight Could Make Canada’s Small Parties Kingmakers
As Canada’s election campaign heads into its final week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is locked in a tie with his Conservative challengers. But smaller parties could end up in a powerful position.


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Voters in Poland, Hungary Vote in...
worldeuropeVoters in Poland, Hungary Vote in Parliamentary Elections
Poles are voting Sunday in a parliamentary election that the ruling party of Jaroslaw Kaczynski is favored to win easily, buoyed by the popularity of its social conservatism and generous social spending policies that have reduced poverty. Law and


EU sent warning: Surge in...
worldEU sent warning: Surge in anti-Brussels feelings after EU misconduct says Italian Senator
EUROSCEPTIC feelings among Italian voters have increased because of the "doghouse system" the European Union adopted when Lega was in charge, Senator Claudio Borghi claimed.


In Poland, Nationalism With a...
worldIn Poland, Nationalism With a Progressive Touch Wins Voters
The ruling Law and Justice party looks likely to hang onto power in elections on Sunday by using an unusual blend of populism and progressive policy.


Russian trolls' chief target was...
worldusaRussian trolls' chief target was 'black US voters' in 2016
A Senate intelligence report says Russians aimed misinformation campaign at African-American voters.


The biggest question in Canada election
worldusaThe biggest question in Canada election
The BBC travelled to Canadian cities to talk to voters ahead of the federal election on 21 October.


Kosovo Voters Flock to Opposition...
worldeuropeKosovo Voters Flock to Opposition Parties in Parliamentary Poll
The opposition leftist Vetevendosje party was set to come in first in Kosovo's parliamentary poll, but it will have to negotiate a coalition to form a government. According to preliminary results based on 82% of the votes counted, Vetevendosje


Harris Says Iowa's Caucuses Can Prove...
worldusaHarris Says Iowa's Caucuses Can Prove She's Electable
Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris told Iowa voters on Sunday that they can help refute questions about her electability if they support her in the caucuses. "Iowans have the ability to show our country what can be, even if we've never


Voters in Portugal, a Beacon of...
worldVoters in Portugal, a Beacon of Stability in Europe, Head to the Polls
In the general election on Sunday, the question seems not whether António Costa, the Socialist prime minister, can win another mandate, but by what margin.




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