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A set of Chum Phu Urea on the red...
entertainmentkhA set of Chum Phu Urea on the red carpet in Paris, 3 days clean, buried
From May 14, the first day to the red day of the red carpet in France, Thai actress Chum Phu Uri


Sririta appeared in the same show...
entertainmentkhSririta appeared in the same show with chompoo chuckles !
The 71st Cannes Film Festival 2019, held in Ba Mulong, has attracted many celebrities from various countries, as fans have already known that actress Chompoo Araya


Chompoo's unique jewelry and dresses...
entertainmentkhChompoo's unique jewelry and dresses cost just over $ 1 million
Thai actress Chompoo Araya is busy in her personal life as a good housewife and busy with her work as an artist. Chompoo Araya


One of the most prominent amongst the...
entertainmentkhOne of the most prominent amongst the most prominent monks in the series is a 5 million baht costume to join the program in France
For seven consecutive years, Thai actor Chompoo Araya has been selected to represent the entire artist.


The Chompoo jewelery at Festival de...
entertainmentkhThe Chompoo jewelery at Festival de Cannes is expensive
Chompoo Araya is a celebrity star who has always represented her country to participate in the world class events. This year, Chompoo will be participating in the "Festival de Cannes"


Chua Phu Uyarah was so accustomed to...
entertainmentkhChua Phu Uyarah was so accustomed to join the French fashion show
The Thai star, Chompoo Araya, was invited to attend a big fashion show.


Thailand: Speaking of actress Chompoo Araya, you definitely know because she has a strong reputation both inside and outside the country.


Although it looks a bit boring, these...
entertainmentkhAlthough it looks a bit boring, these photos that Chompoo is taking with you are really great!
Although Chompoo Araya has built a family and even has twins in the family, popularity has never been less dramatic than ever before.



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