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Mr. Min Min was requested by Samdech...
cambodiapoliticsMr. Min Min was requested by Samdech Techo HUN SEN to install the 4-star (General) and appoint as Secretary of State of the Ministry of National Defensekh
Phnom Penh: After a collapse of the 7-storey building, 28 people were killed and 26 wounded in the early morning of June 22, 2019, and Ming min, former governor of Sihanoukville


J Jetrin and his children share...
entertainmentJ Jetrin and his children share condolences to Cambodia over the collapse of the building (video)kh
On June 22, Cambodia suffered a horrific seven-story collapse in Preah Sihanouk province, killing 28 people and seriously injuring 26 people.


Sending Heng Seng Ho to the court...
cambodiaSending Heng Seng Ho to the court after attempting to rape her doctor in Kampong Chhnang Referral Hospital but failed.kh
In the afternoon of June 26, 2019, head of the Traffic Police Office of Kampong Chhnang Province sent Heng Seng Ho to the court.


Cambodia's immigration police, in...
cambodiaCambodia's immigration police, in cooperation with police from China, have sent 63 Chinese nationals from the provinces of Sihanoukville to China.kh
Earlier on June 26, 2019, according to Mr. Huy Bunleng, "Preah Sihanouk province - Cambodian immigration police, in cooperation with Chinese police, sent 63 Chinese nationals


The good boy ... Diamond Boy...
cambodiaThe good boy ... Diamond Boy participated in the funeral of the dead from the building collapse ...kh
In the collapse of the 7-storey building in Sihanoukville, the suffering of the Khmer people and relatives was so overwhelming.


These little boys ! Even the little...
cambodiaThese little boys ! Even the little girls sit down on the street, they grab their mobile phone, cry, cry, ask for help because this phone belongs to me ..... (yeskh
Parents leave their children alone, sell each other every day, become young, go out ... Hmmm, they're bitterly angry ... So even the little girls sitting down on the street, they snat


Excited ... NPH High School students...
cambodiaExcited ... NPH High School students brought some money to support construction workers ...kh
Many people are shocked and sad that many Khmer people have died in the 7-storey collapse of a provincial building in Sihanoukville.


The authorities of Bac Giang to get...
cambodiaThe authorities of Bac Giang to get rid of drugs by Karaoke clubs until 2019, how big is not afraidkh
Authorities in Phnom Penh will take action to crack down on small karaoke clubs across the city, which will be used to distribute and use drugs by 2019.


TOP NEWS: Samdech Krohom Sar Kheng:...
cambodiaTOP NEWS: Samdech Krohom Sar Kheng: Five Other Illegal Buildings in Preah Sihanouk Province (Video inside)kh
(Phnom Penh): Samdech Krohom Sar Kheng, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Interior on June 26, 2019, said that only one day, the Construction Quality Supervision Commission in Preah Sihanouk province uncovered the number of illegal constructions


The governor of Phnom Penh warned...
cambodiaThe governor of Phnom Penh warned that the governor of the district would be prepared to pay fines if the construction of unauthorized constructions and causing harm to citizens within its jurisdictionkh
(Phnom Penh): Governor of Phnom Penh, Mr. Khuong Sreng has declared a warning to lay down administrative laws on the status quo of civil servants to the governor, which allows for unauthorized construction and harm to the people.


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